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al-Haditha - الحديثة: Nakba Oral History Podcast: Interview with Muhammad Hussein Abu al-'Awafi (Abu Jaser)


Posted on October 5, 2004
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Name Muhammad Abu al-'Awafi
Year of Birth 1937
Duration 60+ min
Interview Date Jan. 24,2004
Episodes 3

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Allah yer7amak ya habibi yaba :( Zaman ma sme3et hal sot el 7anoun ❤️���� Allah yej3al mathwak el janneh yarab meshtaklak ktiir
رحمة الله عليك اللهم اجعل مسواك الجنه
الله يرحمك ويحسن اليك ياابوي ويرحم كل الاموات ويرحم ابو محمد ويسكنه فسيح جناته ويسامحنا يا رب
allh yrhamak yaba allah yrhamak ya za3im allah rhamak
ya ahan al abo shafto 3ini allah yg3al mathwak al gani kont za3im we bdalak za3im

allah yrhamak ya jasser ya asad ya kbir we yg3al mathawak al gani YALI KHALAF MA MAT
i am the son maher, from mohammed abu al awafi abu jaser.we never will forget our father and i am happy because i am the son of him.
I´m very happy to see this interview from chali mohammed. allah yer7amo eb ra7emto. we will never forget this important person (my uncle mohammed). and we will never forget palestina.
i love you my grandfahter i`m nader the sohn from naser abu al awafi, the best granfahter of the world

ahlla yrhamak my grandfahter
allah yr7amak w yj3al maawak el jane (al fat7a)
my father i love you we will never forget