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Welcome To al-Haditha - الحديثة (אל-חדית'ה)

District of al-Ramla
Ethnically cleansed days ago


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Picture for al-Haditha Village - Palestine: : A cistern
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Statistic & Fact Value
Israeli occupation date July 12, 1948
Distance from district 8 (km) Northeast of al-Ramla
Elevation from the sea 125 (meters)
Map location See location #8 on the map

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Military Operation against town First stage of Operation Dani
Exodus Cause Military assault by Jewish troops
Village remains after destruction On September 14th, 1948, al-Haditha was mostly destroyed with the exception of one house remain standing.
Ethnically cleansing
by Israelis
al-Haditha inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed.
Pre-Nakba land ownership
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 6,544
Jewish 157
Public 409
Total 7,110
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum) Jewish (Dunum)
Area planted w/ citrus 10 0
Irrigated & Plantation 246 0
Area planted w/ olives 200 0
Planted W/ Cereal 4,421 102
Built up 16 0
Cultivable 4,677 102
Non-Cultivable 2,260 55
Year Population
1922 415
1931 520
1945 760
1948 882
Est. Refugees 1998 5,414
Number of houses
Year Number of houses
1931 119
1948 201
Town's name through history In Biblical times, al-Haditha was referred to by Hadid, and during the Hellenistic it was known by 'Adida.
Schools An elementary school for boys which was founded in 1924, and in 1945 it had an enrollment of 42 students.
Nearby wadies & rivers al-Haditha is situated on the west bank of Wadi al-Natuf.
Exculsive Jewish colonies
that usurped village lands
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Status of The Village Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, all that remains of the village:
"The stone and concrete rubble of destroyed houses is visible on the site. Only one house remains; it is sealed and deserted. It has a gabled, tiled roof, and a sign ('BROADWAY 80') is glued to one of its walls."

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Display Name Clan/Hamolah Country of Residence
يوسف العطشان العطشان عمان, الاردن
احمد جميل عوض الله - نعم
fathi - annam
rebhey gieth غيث عمان, الحديثة
رمزي شعبان محفوظ محفوظ الرياض, السعودية
ابومحمود الاسمر الاسمر alhaditha
عبدالعزيز علي مسلم عيد عيد Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
Nijem Mahfoudh Mahfoudh Dhahran , Al Hadeetheh
مريم غيث فلسطين , رام لله - البيرة
akram-asmer alasmer amman
خالد الاسمر اسمر albirah, الحديثه
محمد حرب درويش مغامس مغامس -
محمود حسن ابراهيم خليل محفوظ - ابو حمزة محفوظ الاردن, الاردن
محمود غيث غيث رام الله , فلسطين
مهند محمد رشيد سعد سعد -
نضال الحديثي مغامس رام لله, الحديثة
صالح الاسمر الاسمر -
Marouf Mughames - California, USA
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