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al-Bassa - البصة : Fire in Al Bassa
Posted by Eid Haddad on May 19, 2004
This is one of the sweetest and real love stories, which I have ever heard. This story is still being told from one generation to another. It happened in Al Bassa 85 years ago or more. The story tells about a young man, who was madly in love with a young woman. The young woman was forced to get married with another man of a high status in Al Bassa, apparently on her parents´ wishes. That young man had to get married with another woman. Despite the fact that he was married with another, he could never forget his first and long lasting love. Coincidentally his house was overlooking her house. It was possible for him to see her every day, as she stood on her balcony. For him it was the best thing happening every day.

One day that woman got very sick. Therefore she was in bed for some days. That man got very worried, and he did not know what to do in order to see her. Suddenly, as he was standing on his balcony, hopping for her to come out as usual, he started shouting with all what he could, FIRE....FIRE. All the Bassawis (Al Bassa villagers) heard him. Some panicked and carried jars of water, but they did not know what to do or where to go. Some ran to the fields to see if their crop was on fire. Some went directly to him to find out where the fire was. He continued shouting: “FIRE...FIRE”, as he was careless for the big crowd, which gathered under his balcony. Some asked him about the place of the fire, but he did not answer. He continued shouting:” FIRE...FIRE”. Finally that woman came out on her balcony to see what was happening. As that man saw her, he shouted to the crowd, while hitting with both hands on his chest: "Fire in my heart".

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