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Peace Without Justice
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on January 27, 2009

A view in Beit Dajan (Jaffa District) soon after Nakba where you can see the persecuted European Jews who had usurped a Palestinian shop.

By Abu al-Sous (Salah Mansour)*

Since the inception of the Zionists movement, its founders and the Western Powers proclaimed that if Arabs accepted the Zionist vision (which aims to turn Palestine to a "Jewish majority state"), then "peace", prosperity, and democracy shall follow soon after. Paradoxically, what happened on the ground has been the complete opposite. It should be noted that up to this date, all Arab countries who accepted the Western version of "peace" and recognized the "Jewish state" have become

  • more repressive against their own people,
  • have the best intelligence services and torture centers the West can offer,
  • their democracy is almost non-existent at all levels, and
  • their economies cannot survive without foreign aid.

Because this version of "peace" ignores that facts that the Palestinian people have been ethnically cleansed and dispossessed of their homeland, it's extremely unpopular among Arabs. Consequently, Western Powers have resorted to all sorts of methods to impose this version of "peace" on Arab regimes, and as a result repression and corruption have reached unprecedented levels. The examples in the Arab World are too many to enumerate, especially in the occupied West Bank and Egypt.

Such a version of "peace" requires the West and Israel to continuously shore up corrupt Arab regimes to prolong the unpopular "peace" treaties with Israel, and without corruption and repression these unpopular treaties won't last for a day. As repression and corruption increases, these Arab regimes become even more unpopular which entails even more sustainable repression and corruption. This vicious circle of repression and corruption (which are required to sustain this version of "peace") has become a kind of a ponzi or a pyramid scheme that will eventually crumble under its own weight. If history can be a judge, this version of "peace" (which is based on usurping Palestinian national rights) will be a curse on the Arab regimes and people who choose it as their path. In that respect, it is helpful to point out that even David Ben-Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister) recognized that peace without justice is simply impossible, he stated in 1919:

"Everybody sees the problem in the relations between the Jews and the Arabs. But not everybody sees that there's no solution to it. There is no solution! . . . The conflict between the interests of the Jews and the interests of the Arabs in Palestine cannot be resolved by sophisms. I don't know any Arabs who would agree to Palestine being ours---even if we learn Arabic . . .and I have no need to learn Arabic. On the other hand, I don't see why 'Mustafa' should learn Hebrew. . . . There's a national question here. We want the country to be ours. The Arabs want the country to be theirs." (One Palestine Complete, p. 116)

Similarly, Ze'ev Jabotinsky (one of the most influential Zionists leaders) recognized that Arabs will accept Zionist vision only by the force of arms, he stated in his famous iron wall article in 1923:

".... Settlement can thus develop under the protection of a force that is not dependent on the local population, behind an iron wall which they will be powerless to break down. ....a voluntary agreement is just not possible. As long as the Arabs preserve a gleam of hope that they will succeed in getting rid of us, nothing in the world can cause them to relinquish this hope, precisely because they are not a rubble but a living people. And a living people will be ready to yield on such fateful issues only when they give up all hope of getting rid of the Alien Settlers. Only then will extremist groups with their slogan 'No, never' lose their influence, and only then their influence be transferred to more moderate groups. And only then will the moderates offer suggestions for compromise. Then only will they begin bargaining with us on practical matters, such as guarantees against pushing them out, and equality of civil, and national rights."

"Peace" without justice for the Palestinian people is equivalent to some kind of a financial transaction between individuals not people. The Palestinian people are a patient people and like all people eager for a justice peace; they shall wait for the day when a just and lasting peace comes.

Be free to share this article with your friends and loved ones.

Our DATE is 60 years LATE, God willing sooner or later we shall return.
* Salah Mansour is the founder and editor of, the largest Palestinian online community.

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Post Your Comment

Posted by Jason on January 31, 2015 #155922

I would not go that far that peace treaty between Egypt and Israel or Jordan and Israel not survival the day. Jordan no shape wage war anyway and big reason Egypt sigh peace treaty is Israel war just to costly for them.
Posted by JahzWolf on February 19, 2009 #68150

I think the solution to the Aparthied is to struggle to get the vote in Israeli politics.
Posted by Moni Yakim antizionist on February 7, 2009 #66845

Dear Tllal !

yoyr comment is very correct ' the Arab world have to restore
its solidarity and unity in face of the Eshkenazy Zionist
invasion and return the land of Palestine to the Palestinians.
Unfortunatly the europian Eshkenazi Jews proved theier mall
intentions and are not fit to live in the Middle East as
equals' they must find their solution in Europe.
not all jews are zionists and many of us the Arab Jews
would like to live as equals with our Moslem brothers.

בחורבן הציונות הכוזרואשכנזית ננוחם.
Posted by Djigivara on February 7, 2009 #66839

Marhaba Alaykom al Salam
Brther Salah your article it s excellent like usualy
Thanks a Lot for your great services to let us know more bettre the reality we need to know to bettre understand all of it Our Palestine case
I am sure of one think
If all Arabs and muslums coutries units to fight all together against israel and cut the petrol oil to all countries who try to fight against us!
Then Palestine will be Palestine for real!
And no more israeli goverment on our lands !
It s our Lands So!!!

God with us it s only question of time!
Posted by Moni Yakim antizionist on February 4, 2009 #66466

Judaism is not nationalisam in contrary it is an antisemetic
argument .
A jew can be American jew loyal to the American flagg and not
to a foreign country because of his religious belonging.
the same as protestant or moslem .
The jwish religion accepted after distruction of the temple
the universal princip of loyalty to the law of the rolling
non jewish regim as a religious law.
In this respect zionisam created a perception of dual loyality
in each jew to feed antisemetic dormant sentiments as a meen
to separat jews from diaspora and force them towards the state
of Israel...בחורבן הציונות הכוזרואשכנזית ננוחם
Posted by sis on February 2, 2009 #66269

Yes, Ruben, go in peace and enjoy your evening prayers.
Posted by Ruben Misrahi on February 2, 2009 #66266

Good. That's the point. Judaism IS a nationality. I've been Jewish when I was an atheist and I am a Jew now. Even when I was an Atheist I was recognized as a Jew in Mexico, just as is the case everywhere else.
No Sharon, Judaism is not only a religion. Nazis didn't ask the beliefs of the people they killed. Hizballah didn't question the religion of the Jewish building they destroyed in Argentina and the Pakistanis were not looking for Israeli passports in Mombay. It's complex. Isn't it?

Which newspapers? ANY! American, Mexican, European. Pick your language. it's all there. But that is another subject.

I don't know much about Jesus, but I start seeing the true color of fanaticism. Perhaps religion IS the problem after all!

One reason Muslims and Jews had a Golden Age was because Muslims didn't try to convert the Jews.

Although you didn't ask, I'll answer what Israelis want from Palestinians: Let's live in peace!

I think this is my last post. Good to hear your point of view.
I respect it and I have to confess that I've learned something and I hope you did as well. That's the only way thing can get resolved. Actually, that's the ONLY way.

Peace indeed.
Posted by sis on February 2, 2009 #66258

The Law of Return (1950) grants every Jew, wherever he or she may be, the right to come to Israel as an oleh (a Jew immigrating to Israel) and become an Israeli citizen.

For the purposes of this Law, "Jew" means a person who was born of a Jewish mother or has converted to Judaism and is not a member of another religion.

I'm sorry, Ruben. I was thinking Judaism is a religion. I didn't realize it was a nationality, unlike Christianity and Islam and Buddism.

I guess that's why we and the Amish are not lobbing bottle rockets at each other; they are not claiming to be a nationality and trying to capture Greater Pennsylvania.

Yes, Ruben, I am Irish-American, but I do not HAVE Ireland. That is simply where my ancestors came from. I do not claim to own a piece of it.

Which newspaper should I read, Ruben? Haaretz or Al Jazeera?

Careful, Ruben, your true colors are starting to show.

If Jesus replaced the Old Covenant with the New Covenant, how in God's name would that make him a Zionist. He IS THE TEMPLE.
However, let's not get into a spitting match over religious beliefs. I am entitled to mine; you are intitled to yours and long as we don't step on others toes, eh?
Posted by Ruben Misrahi on February 2, 2009 #66248

Nice piece. This is where poetry is dangerous. You can enjoy it, but be careful about the fallacies hidden within.
Amish people are happy to be Americans. They don't claim to be a nationality. Their history goes back a couple hundred years.
An Irish-American and an Italian-American have Ireland and Italy. But a Jew doesn't deserve Israel?
To deny claim to that territory, as you can see from Dino's deleted statement, is a dangerous proposition. Go back before 1967 and you'll read all newspapers talking about the Arab-Israeli war. Not much mention of Palestinians. Believe me, it's a dangerous proposition.
"Denounce Zionismo?" Zionism is the yearning to return to our land. make it productive (which we had). Live in peace there, yes, with all the Arabs that didn't follow the advice of their leaders and elected to remain there, to have a life better than most other Arabs. Perfect? You bet not. We have to keep fighting to make sure they are as Israeli as everyone else.
When I ask what would you ask from Israelis, the reply is a concoction of philosophical and religious diatribes.
I'm not surprised you father is a Christian Zionist. Zionism is not a dirty word, but the UN, being ruled by majority, leaves Israel (the uniqueness is a truism: Language, religion, etc.) Nevertheless, Christians know that Jesus was Jewish. He'd been the first Zionist if he were here.
Sis, I respect you, but please spare the poetry about the roads and barbed wire, I'm tempted to speak about the Pizzerias and markets where children I know have been maimed for no reason.
Posted by Sis on February 2, 2009 #66223

Ah, Ruben, the Amish. Such wonderful people! I spent my honeymoon in "Amish Country". Luckily, they did not require a passport for me to enter. In addition, I did not need to denounce my religion and become a Quaker in order to break bread with them and travel their roads. You see, the roads are not theirs and they understand this. The roads belong to all citizens of the United States. There are no checkpoints and I did not see any barbed wire, either.

You state: "Every country in the world has links to other countries. These links are based on religion, ethnicity, language, geography. Israel is ALONE!" Ruben, I am Irish-American, my neighbor is Italian-American. I am not a Catholic-American. If someone from Israel were to move to the US and become my neighbor, whould they be an Israeli-American or an American Jew? Perhaps the reason Jews feel persecuted is because they are trying to lay claim to a territory based on religious beliefs and the people who were there before do not subscribe to those same religious beliefs because they are not Jewish.

What would I ask of Israelis? I would ask them to denounce zionism. I would also ask them to be critical thinkers and search for God's word in their hearts, not in their heads. Yes, Ruben, I can close my eyes and imagine and have seen both sides. My father is a Christian Zionist who's life work has been to witness the construction of the 3rd Temple. I came into the world and was named Sharon, after his Israeli hero, so I understand the work ahead of me, as I try to bring my fellow Christians back into the fold with the true teachings of Jesus Christ, who is the New Covenant. But, Ruben, that is a discussion for another audience.
Posted by Ruben Misrahi on February 2, 2009 #66203

Sis, Close my eyes and pretend to be a Palestinian. I have. And I know many Israelis suffer because of this. Believe it or not. Have you done the same? I mean: try to be an Israeli. Every country in the world has links to other countries. These links are based on religion, ethnicity, language, geography. Israel is ALONE! The US has -at least for the moment- sympathy for people they see as persecuted throughout the ages and that want to survive in their land. Same sympathy they have for the Amish and many more that came to America. But other than that there are no permanent links. When you talk about 2,000 year cr@p, is when things start breaking down, because I could say that Palestinians have never been a nation. Who was the last Palestinian president or prime minister? It was a British and before that a Turkish mandate. The claim to the land HAS to be respected or things go nowhere. Despite a social phenomena called "The Dislike of the Unlike." which promotes the weak to assimilate to the conqueror, Jews always remained Jews, looking back to return to Israel. Add to that, the fact that there were always Jews in Palestine. If we could go back to Palestine during the British mandate (there you have a true Colonial power) and look for newspapers, orchestras, writers, etc. We'd be surprised to see who they were. Back in 1948 when Palestine was finally released by the British grip, we could have had 2 states, living side by side. It was not the Jews the ones that rejected the idea. The fact that 20% of the population in Israel is Arab comes to show that not all Arabs were "kicked out or killed" by the "Zionists." They are represented in Parliament! Spoon fed? Maybe we both should look into that. I agree the truth is out there and is not black and white. When are we going to stop this madness? If I told you, let's make a deal. An honest deal that has a glimpse of hope. Let's compromise. What would you ask from Israel?
Posted by rama on February 2, 2009 #66197


let me put it in simple words: our problems are not with you Jews…and it will never be… our problem is with the Zionist movement that came and stole our land and killed our people.. it's as simple as that …
Fighting Israel is not something we do because we hate Jews but because we will get our right and what belongs to us whether your government likes it or not!!
And by we I mean Palestinians- Christians and Muslims- …
have you ever read about the great Palestinian writer "Ghassan Kanafani"?…he was Christian and was assassinated by Mossad…have you ever read about Jewish movement called "Natori Carta"…well, I suggest you read about them…
remember one thing, we do not hate Jews and our religion is not terror while your rabbis uses Torah to direct the Army for more killing of Palestinians.
Posted by Sis on February 2, 2009 #66192

Ruben, the problem here is that the people who fall into the third category are running Israel.

What is this 2000 years crap? In 831 ad, Vikings invaded my incestral land (Ireland). I'm not about to go constructing some family tree and timeline to try to claim a piece of farmland that may (or may not have) have displaced my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great aunt's cousin.

I'm not here to teach you a history lesson, Ruben, but I just want to point out that your posts are filled with zionist talking points that have been spoon-fed to you since birth, and it is so very obvious.

You seem like a nice person, Ruben, and it is admirable that you are reaching out to the other side. It shows you have a concience and you are searching for truth. The truth is out there. It's not black and white, but it's there.

When looking for answers, and before you start your Google searches, close your eyes for a moment and pretend you are Palestinian. You'll be amazed, Ruben, what pops up on Google! To make sure you are honestly getting the palestinian perspective, check the top of the website. If you see a blue star or the phrase "Friends of Israel", go back to Google and try again.

God Bless.
Posted by Dino on February 2, 2009 #66191

In the Second millennium BC, Gaza served as an administrative city and residence of the Egyptian governor of Canaan. The bible tells us that the Jewish patriarch, Isaac, dug wells in Gerar, an ancient site between Beer Sheba and Gaza, and in the 13th century BC the Philistines or Caphorites (Cretans) annihilated the Avite inhabitants of Gaza and made the city the largest of their five centers. After the Israelite Exodus from Egypt and entry into the Promised Land, the tribe of Judah was given Gaza as a possession but did not include it fully in their territory. The bible reports in Joshua 15.47 and Judges 1:18 how the city of Gaza, and those of Ekron, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Gat became a possession of Israel but how some of them were among those places ‘lying in the remaining country,' i.e., not fully possessed by the Israelites.

Down the centuries, Gaza was captured by Assyrians, Egyptians, Babylonians, followed by Persians and later still by Alexander the Great who incorporated it into his growing empire in the 5th century BC. The strategic territory, lying as it does at the crossroads of two continents, Africa and Asia, has repeatedly fallen since earliest times to invading armies.

In 167 BC, Judah Maccabee led his Jewish fighters to victory over the Syrian-Greek pagan king, Antiochus Epiphanies. Jerusalem was liberated and the defiled Temple cleansed. The miracle of this event is now celebrated by Jews during the festival of Hanukah. But it was the Hasmonean king, Yochanan, who liberated Gaza in 145 BC. He was the brother of Judah the Maccabee and it was their other brother, Simon, who sent Jews to repopulate Gaza and its environs.
The future of GAZA has changed nowadays and therefore TOMORROW is starting the first daY of "a new life" so lets forget all the rubbish in the past and start all over again, we (you and me) as a resposible citizen of this world and work together for a peacefull and prosperous future for ourselves and children.
Posted by Ruben Misrahi on February 2, 2009 #66189

Painful it is, believe me. Being part of the suffering of people is a nightmare for some, indifferent to most and still a pleasure to others. Most Israelis fall in the first category, some in the second. I know.

Jews are not alien to persecution. The dilemma is tremendous. On one hand you have a people that has been facing Jerusalem for 2,000 years. Yearning "Next year in Jerusalem." And this has happened during time of persecution as well as time of tolerance.
On the other hand, you have all the refugees that break our hearts. You better believe it! Who claim we don't have the right to the land!
The claim that the Jewish refugee problem from Arab lands didn't exist personally incenses me because I personally know is true. Granted, it was not an instant all out persecution, but it was impossible to remain in Arab lands.
At the end of the day, we both Palestinians and Israelis could come to understand that we've been manipulated by bigger powers.
Life didn't start in 1967. Israel was attacked in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and on and on. (I know, 1956 is questionable, but the rhetoric is the same: "throw the Jews to the sea.") Are we paranoid? Sure we are. Is there a reason? Looking at history I'd say yes.
Think about it. Israel gave back Sinai. In exchange for what? Peace. This is after being attacked 3 times. Does that create some cognitive dissonance to people that claim that Israel seeks to expand its territory? Come on, let's be honest.

I'm happy I can establish some dialog with the other side. Being a Sefaradic Jew I know that looking back in History Arabs and Jews have been very powerful partners. I wish we could restore that partnership with some compromise that openly acknowledges the needs, fears and injustices of all sides.
Posted by sis on February 1, 2009 #66133

Ruben, here's some more food for thought:

What about an Israeli passport? Why didn't the Israeli government step forward and issue them instead of kicking the people of Palestine to the curb? It seems the Israelis give these out freely to people, regardless of place of birth, so long as they sleep with the Talmud under their pillow.

And another thing, Ruben. If you were forced into a refugee camp and, while there, your wife gave birth, don't you think your "decendant" should get the honorable title of refugee as well? If not, what would you call him? Your cute little vagabond and then,if you ever got the chance to return to your ancestoral home, leave him behind in his little UN tent with a cub scout survival book?

Why is giving refugee status to Palestinian children an unprecedented exception(as if this happens all the time)? An exception to WHAT?

We are talking about people, Ruben. Like us. God's children. You claim it is painful to see this. How painful, Ruben? Do you need a doctor? Does that make you a victim, too? Perhaps you are seeing only what zionists want you to see. Have you ever concidered it? Find the truth and this won't be such a puzzle for you.
Posted by Ruben Misrahi on February 1, 2009 #66124

The problem with the passport idea: "1. The name and 2. The address and place of birth..." is that the UN granted refugee status to people that claimed they have lived in the land for 2 years! (look it up)
I agree, the norm to give refugee status is place of birth and attachment to the land, but in the case of the Palestinians, this humongous exception went trough.
The other unprecedented exception is that the descendants of refugees were also considered refugees as well. Somebody wanted to create a refugee problem when other Arab countries needed Arabs (such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia). Perhaps what they didn't want is to give them equal status.
Palestinians have been the tool so many times of so many corrupt Arab leaders it's painful to see.
Food for thought.
Posted by anne on February 1, 2009 #66120

Passport is a Brilliant idea !
Posted by anne on February 1, 2009 #66119

You need
1. A good , English speaking orator . Not a spokesperson , an orator .
2. You need to keep waving those property deeds , rent books , school rolls , tax data etc to show the West you have title . Many people just dont know the history .
3. Your negotiators need to ask for more than they want so they can offer concessions . Not only Palestine but Syria , Lebanon must be asking for more than they want too . Then you can back down to what you do want ( Israel and Palestine , one nation . )You need to make it clear you can maintain law & order in reunited Palestine , no progrom of Jews ( some may hold legitimate title to their homes .)
4.Find out whats caused Fatah and the PLO to not want to liberate Palestine . Logic ? Bribes ? Promises ? Threats ?
5. Cause no more suicide bombings or civilian deaths ; consider passive protests / peacefull invasions ; this will attract Westerners to your cause .
Posted by sargologo on February 1, 2009 #66118

It might be time for the government or governments of Palestine to lay down all their arms and follow the path of non-violence regardless of the Israeli reaction. But I suggest that this homeland has always existed and should be declared as existing with rights and privileges for its people, as after all, the creation of Israel was through the ؟partition of Palestine؟. Palestine is and has always been there. .The first step of creating a Palestinian passport by the PA or Hamas and provided to Palestinians worldwide, releases them from their bonds of slavery whether in Palestine or Lebanon or anywhere else and reestablishes the right of return and compensation. It could also releases countries like Lebanon with the situation of having them in camps and could give the Palestinians the residency opportunity to exist in that country as well as other Arab Countries and work with taxes paid to both the host countries and the Palestinian government. This is a very important issue to understand. Once this passport is made by Qatar for example or another nation, and provided to Palestinians to work in any other Arab Country, it creates a change of the facts on the ground. A Palestinian passport could be created and provided to the Diaspora. When for example a 60-year-old person living in a refugee camp in Lebanon or Syria or any other refugee country, with an old key to his house in what is now Israel, gets a passport that says 1. The name and 2. The address and place of birth, this does not only change the rules of the game but opens doors for compensation for him or her and their descendents. The same way that European Jewry has received compensation for its losses during WWII, the Palestinians will be able to receive compensation for land never returned. Finally, there is the view of the ؟long walk home؟. What is being proposed is a gathering of refugee camp population to the Israeli borders with or without their passport in a bid to return home. This is another way of creating Palestine officially. It must be a contiguous State. In the end, non-violence is the only way to a true peace.
Posted by johninnepdx on February 1, 2009 #66108

Thank you for keeping the flame of truth alive.

You might consider explaining in future missives how the United States' virtually unconditional support of Israel is neither in its own nor in Israel's own interest.

The tens of billions of dollars, including a annual $3 billion check without conditions or accountability that the US has given to Israel has not secured peace or stability in the region. The major reason is that power without accountability become corrupt and injustice and violence follow. Until the US pursues its own long term self-interest by enforcing minimum conditions--removal of all settlements, Israel's abiding by UN resolutions--the US should stop all military and economic aid, call in no or low interest loans, and consider freezing Israeli assets.

In these hard times, times that are going to get harder, the US needs to stop funding Israel's destabilization of the region. The US cannot afford any more wars. We need those funds to rebuild our infrastructure, support education, devise a universal health care program, and support the industry that can slow global warming.

Israel needs to realize that it is destroying itself by promoting its long standing "iron wall" policy. It has not achieved peace. Its practices shred its own moral fiber. Its expenditures burden its economy. And, the direct impact of its brutal, illegal and immoral behavior is to engender stiffened resistance among the Palestinians and revulsion among the world's nations. If it continues to believe in and pursue its policy of brutalizing Palestinians into submission, it is cutting its own throat.

Again, thanks for speaking the truth.

John Villaume
Posted by Moni Yakim antizionist on February 1, 2009 #66098

Dear Dino !
Sorry but you sound like one track propaganda machine.
You bring a long list of negative things about the arab
world and I believe you do it in comparison to the western
christian world' but who said that the arab world have
to live up to such comparison .
I do not agree at all that what you see as progress is really
a progress time will say.
We can also creat a equivelent list of negative aspects of the
west where onr jewish man can still 50 miliard dollars
when thusands of poors die un the streets.
Yes I used a demagogical example to show haw you used it
But the subject of the article is not the arab world but
is Palestine...בחורבן הציונות הכוזרואשכנזית ננוחם
Posted by laya on February 1, 2009 #66093

Yes, there will be No "Peace" without justice to the Palestinian people. The massacres and killings of civilians are reducing the so called "moderates" to almost zero. Palestinians will never forget or forgive. They have a RIGHT to be free.
Posted by Sis on February 1, 2009 #66090

We are now faced with a wave of pro-Israel supporters of peace. Here in the USA, we have JStreet, the pro-Israel lobby that has taken on the roll of the moderate Jew. They are praised for their compassion and outspoken criticism of the Gaza massacre as they try to get a balanced view presented to the American public.

Look closer at this sheep; behind the wool, you'll see the sharp fangs and piercing eyes of a wolf. You can almost fall for the act of empathy and, had my heart not grown so cold from horrific images of suffering that have permeated every cell of my body, I could had fallen for it, too.

Anyone who is close to the Palestinian-Israeli issues needs to pay close attention to this peace movement and consider whether these "moderates" honestly see the Palestinians as victims or whether they are simply trying to promote their own aparthied agenda.

We are a very long way from a Jewish majority that actually acknowledges the injustice done to the Palestinians these last 60 years; Until that happens, there will be no peace offering that will sustain. We must continue to pound away with the facts and not let these "moderates" flood the media with this watered down appeasement of reality to propel their own self-serving interests.

In our desire for peace, we may get sucked in by the dovish position of moderates like JStreet. If you are undecided, concider for a moment who one of JStreet's founding members is: Avrum Burg, former chairman of World Zionist Organization. Enough said.
Posted by Gerry on February 1, 2009 #66084

I do hope one day the Palestinians get justice but alas in the present corrupt world we live in i fear not. Yours sincerely Gerry
Posted by Trevor Goodger-Hill, Citizen of the World on February 1, 2009 #66078

Thank you for your article. For someone who has had your society destroyed, your land stolen and your friends and family murdered, you are very temperate.

I can see no solution in creating two states, for we created the nation state to adminster the capitalist economy in the interest of the owning class. Nation states wage economic wars. As I understand it, basically Israel is "owned" by thirteen wealthy families. Two states will only create two competing economies.

For a just and peaceful solution I support one secular state with the dispossessed people having the right to return to their land and the importantion of jews from other parts of the world stopped. The two peoples must live together as the neighbours as they have for centuries before Zionism reared its ugly head. There is something mentally wrong with people like Zionists who can seed the water of Arab villages with typhoid to rid the land of others of a different religion. This has been documented by the International Red Cross.

Finally, I would just like to point out that there is no god and therefore using that belief to murder others cannot be considered moral. We are mammals, nothing more. Mammals don't have gods.

Yours to incite World insight, Trevor Goodger-Hill
Posted by Moni Yakim antizionist on February 1, 2009 #66028

Dear Reoben Mizrahi !

Agree with most of your writing but the end .
If we talk about Dino's being deleted you should try to
express ideas like mine in zionist Israeli cites than you will
feel what censorship is.
Regarding the solution to the conflict it can start with
total eviction of all Israelis beyond 67 lines to settele
refugees in the emptied settelments and follow by bi laterall
peace negotiation leading to a teritorial division of
fifty fifty to each side.
I agree about delition of comments unless they use abusive
Posted by Ruben Misrahi on February 1, 2009 #66024

Dear Moni,

I grant you, the Sepharadic Jews have lived in Arab countries in peace for many years. I'd say Arabs have treated Jews far better than Westerners. Remember the Golden Age! It's hard to argue about Jewish refugees when I personally know relatives that used to live in Arab countries. My parents spoke Arabic as their first language! The fact that there are virtually no Jews in Arab countries, when the population was close to a million before 1948, and the fact that indeed Jews had a good life in those countries, comes to show you that the reason they left was not "voluntary" or forced by Ashkenazi Zionists. Sepharadic Jews have lived in Palestine forever. The Ottoman census of 1850 shows that Jerusalem had a Jewish majority.

In any event. It's painful to see such a bright culture that gave us Algebra, advances in medicine, the biggest library of its time (Alexandria), etc. is being now manipulated by corrupt leaders (religious and non-religious) and driven into hating anything that is not Muslim or with nationalistic motives.

Jews and Arabs have many things in common. The day we join forces and work constructively, we'll regret all that we did in the past. For that to happen, Arabs need to show Israel in their maps. Focus on your strengths and constructively work to a compromise with people that accept you, respect you and want peace with you.

PS: Shame. Dino's comment was deleted. When will mine follow the same fate? Is this how you guys promote dialogue?
Posted by Moni Yakim antizionist on February 1, 2009 #66014

Dear Reoben Mizrahi !

Let me correct you please !

It is too simplistic and incorrect hystorically to acuse
flatly that jews were '' kicked out '' off Arab countries
it is a lie to disregard the zionist manipulations on
account of the communities that lived in peace with theire
arab moslem brothers.
the tragical depart and distruction of the jewish communities
is an open account between separadim and the zionist ashkenazi
rolling class to be learened in deepth and not in demagogical
Posted by Ruben Misrahi on February 1, 2009 #66010

Although I don't agree with your article I have to praise you for:
a) Not presenting a radical, irrational view of Islam.
b) Allowing posts such as Dino's to be read.
I disagree with you because, when it comes to corrupt Arab governments, I cannot see many that don't fall in that category. And the only Arab country that has some military and economic relations with Israel is Turkey, considered the only Arab democracy.
Regarding Ben Gurion and Jabotinsky, if you read carefully, you see nothing but a defensive position towards the conflict, not one in which Israel tries to wipe out or "cleanse" the land.
As for other posts, I'm a Sefaradic Jew, and despite the big problems that arose when Moroccans came to Israel, my ancestor's main problem was being kicked out of Syria, along with 850,000 other Jews that would have been refugees today were it not for the existence of Israel.
My regards to you people that can have a civilized hatred-free dialogue. May you have influence over the more extremes of your fellow Muslims.
Posted by LSalaam on February 1, 2009 #65994

Dear Abu al-Sous,

It it difficult to argue with the logic of your article unless one disagrees with the premise. You speak for a people who suffered the Nakba and hundreds of thousands were forcebly displaced and are still residing, (because living is not an appropriate term), with their son's and daughter's and their son's and daughter's and more in refugee camps totaling around 5 million souls. So, from the outside as a concerned human being I can say that I understand that peace between Palestinians and Israelis will not afford justice. These refugees cannot go home and again. What then is the price for justice? It is clearly a price beyond riches. There are many nations involved in this tragedy beyond Israel. As a result the international community must be involved in the creation of a just resolution. If one cannot undue the harm that has been done which is far beyond anyone's ability to speak in words we can begin by acknowledging the occurance of the Nakba and its outcomes and working with fair minded institutions of the world to develop an equation that promotes peace with a justice that begins with acknowledgement and then works toward the cessation of the consequences of 60 years of residing as refugees. This kind of answer is largely material and will remain insufficient. But I believe it offers refugees of Ayn az Zaytun, al Kabri, Lydda, Mansura al Khayt, Qisarya, Saliha, Wadi Ara and the hundreds of additional villages and towns in which Palestinians were depopulated the opportunity to find a share of justice and to come out from the shadows to be seen and begin to live as human beings. This is my prayer.

Larry Snider
Posted by rwd hassan on February 1, 2009 #65982

I want to say to each of the security of the idea of peace with the enemies of God and His Messenger, and the killers of prophets Look at Vietnam * * * or * Angola's longest wars of liberation from colonialism, who fought with a view to any peace agreement they are not with the doctrine of liberation and victory, or take a lesson from Japan * * which refused to surrender despite the threat of bombing the nuclear bomb
Look at Heads arab who dragged themselves to the peace table did not give time for more than 40 years and identified future of peace instead of jihad and liberation
Posted by Moni Yakim antizionist on February 1, 2009 #65974

Dino the propagandist

What good brought the Zionist Ashkenazi so called democracy to
the middlr east or to the world.
You are very good in coppying propaganda pamplets of distorted
arguments but reality is far away.
Democratic modern Israel not only killed hundreds of thausends
of Arabs and atoll their lands and persecuted them only because
they are not jews but also is perscuttibg halph of their own
'' brothers '' the sepharadi mizrahi jews
Your beutifull modern democracy akso is the biggest supplier
of distruction arms to all dictators in the world/
If this is the viow yoy have about modernisation and democracy
with ignoring the need for peace and justice so yor argument are loosing all validity and are a pure elitistic anti arab propaganda ...בחורבן הציונות הכוזרואשכנזית ננוחם

Moni Yakim Antizionist
Posted by Amir on February 1, 2009 #65949

This problem started 6o years ago ,I am sure me and you ,Even most of those leaders that is instigating those palestine were not born before then for their devilish purposses.
What i know for sure is that,The land belong to God,And the peoples as well belong to God,I never understand why peoples fight blindly without looking back.
Isreal state was established for back 1948 and where was those agreement documents sign and agreed on ,It was britsch.france,Germany Russian and Arab world agreed for the partitioned of the land whichn is now isreal and palestine,and when the war brake out between Aran nation agaist Isreal,Golan height,West bank,was capture from those Aran warrior then..
My is that,Why Egyptian ,Syrian.Lebanon.Do not want the peoples of palestina to stay in their land..Think right and ,if you believe problem can solve problem then Good luck and if y ou believe that it is only peace that breed prosperity and bring the creation of a paletstine state then Good luck
Posted by Moni Yakim antizionist on February 1, 2009 #65946

Well written and I tottaly agree with your analyses and more
in light of thr attrocities committed by the Ashkenazi led
Zionist army in Gaza district.
Please do not use the term Jews in relation to the M'E conflict
but use the term Ashkenazi Zionist as it shoukd be clear to
all who may be concerened that not all Jews are accepting the
Zionist solution performed by the Ashkenazi regim in power
and it should be clear to all people seeking a just and
peacfull solution that it will be accuired by the renewall
of the historic pact between Arab Jews and Arab Moslems and
Cheristians to create one seqular state with justice for all.

Moni Yakim Anti Zionist
Posted by Al Khansa on February 1, 2009 #65939

One can sum it up in an equation..

Peace - Justice = Oppression

Shokrun jazeelan Abu al-Sous for another excellent article..
Posted by maria victoria de bernard on January 31, 2009 #65923

great article Salah Mansour !! excellent!!
by the way
@ marilyn rega
are you a Zionist?? what are you doing here "i know we have our problems". Gimme a real break!!!!! USA is the problem and his ally Israel.... Go and read something useful, you really talking like an ignorant....
Posted by Alastair Carnegie on January 31, 2009 #65921

Gentle rain eventually wears down towering mountains. The process is simple, during the day water creeps into small cracks in often, hard granite rocks, at night due to the altitude the water freezes to ice, which expands and breaks the rock assunder, eventually wearing down the mountain. In Ancient China it was said, that there is no defense against an 'attack by a thousand cuts'. Palestinians are more effective with words that cut deep, than with senseless rockets or even more insane suicide bombs. Those only serve to 'blunt the message' and there is no need of any defense against an attack with a blunt knife! The ancient Chinese were wrong in that respect, a blunted knife is the defense! especially effective if the assailant in persuaded his blunted knife is more effective!....That requires a combination of gullibility and stupidity!
Posted by Jefferson Chase on January 31, 2009 #65920

Your articles are eloquent and informative but are very hard to print out properly to distribute to others. Please use a larger size type and break your article up into separate pages (sometimes the last line on a printout page is cut in half horizontally). Also please make the Arabic version in larger type and cleanly separated into pages so I can print it out and make copies to distribute to Palestinians and other Muslims who do not know about your website. I would also like to know if you ever use comments written by others. I have written several articles that my Palestinian friends think are very good -- ad I use maps to clearly show both the absurdity and the atrocity of U.S. and other "western" nations' policy toward Israel/Palestine. Please respond. Thank you. Jefferson Chase
Posted by marilyn rega on January 31, 2009 #65919

you talk about the "west" and i see you live in the west? you don't like america? i know we have our problems. arabs have a lot of choices in countries to live if they want to live under islamic law. how many choices do jews have? one, even in america they can't live that freely. what's one tiny piece of land out of the whole middle east? britian promised all of palestine and jordan to the jews. they didn't keep their promise and all the arabs got their promises fulfilled. talk about unjust.
Posted by KHARBAT1 on January 31, 2009 #65917

Unfortunitly,those who had not been driven out of there homes out of Palestine (under the Gun point ), donot believe that Palestinians were driven out !!!! palestinians of 65 years and olders lived through this disposion ( My 65 years old wife is a witness ,as a little girl lost from her family two times on the lengthy road out !!! .
How else did the palestinians ended up in syria, lebanon, jordan ..... and all over the world ??? where they given a "GO AWAY PARTY WITH A red carpet to the steps of a 747 no return flyght ???? . This unjustice must stop if there is going to be any sort of peace . Thank you and have a good day .
Posted by beautifulady2003 on January 31, 2009 #65913

Asalam alaikum, thank you for the beautiful commentary. I pray for the courageous people of Palestine; may they prevail over this oppression, by the grace and mercy of Allah. The truth of what has been happening under the Zionist occupation is slowly finding its way to the west. People are beginning to look at Israel with new eyes and a true understanding. Inshallah the US government will be pressured by the people to stop supporting this criminal occupation and the killing of innocent people with US military equipment. Thank you for sharing your commentary. I will pass it on, and as always, the people of Palestine are in my prayers.