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Zionist FAQs: Isn't it a fair 'population exchange' between Palestinian refugees and Jewish refugees from many Arab countries?

Posted on March 5, 2007

Palestinian are being ethnically cleansed out of Faluja, March of 1949
As it will be demonstrated below, this lie was concocted to deflect the discussion from the core issues which are the dispossession and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people; and how Zionist leaders "welcomed" Arab Jews ONLY when they discovered that European Jews preferred somewhere else. Yes, European Jews voted with their feet and preferred the Americas over Palestine before and after WWII, which is a fact that continues to this date. Note how Russian Jews who fled the soviet Union always immigrated to US or Canada, and they were forced to go to Israel first only after 1990s! Prior to 1990s, Russian Jews immigrated freely to the West without any restrictions.

Before destroying this Zionist lie, please note that the "Jewish state" and Zionism were created in response to the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and not in the Middle East. Ironically, Jewish historians still associate Jewish Golden Age not in Europe; not in the United States of American; but in Arab ruled Spain (Andalusia) and Muslim Turkey.

  1. It's a known fact that most, if not all, of the Arab Jews were under the direct and indirect control of the British and French occupations, who were (and still are) very sympathetic & enablers to Zionists. So even if it was "true" that Arab Jews were "terrorised & expelled" from their countries (after Nakba; not before), this could've been easily stopped by the friendly colonial powers. Why you think they didn't even try to stop such massive alleged crimes!!
  2. Very little evidence exists that Arab populations or Arab authorities, in the various Arab nations, were involved in 'expelling' their Arab Jewish citizens. The Arab Jewish minority may had been a victim of sporadic revenge attacks (in response to Zionist atrocities perpetrated against Palestinians during the 1948 war), however, there is no proof whatsoever that this violence was organized by any group (state or non-state) whatsoever.
  3. Arab Jewish immigration occurred in stages as the "Jewish state" was able to absorb them; and most importantly Arab Jews were "welcomed" only when European Jewish refugees in mass found somewhere else a lot more suitable; especially to the US, Argentina, Canada, or even to Mexico. In other words, perecuted European Jewish refugees voted with their feet before and after Nakba; does that explain why most (if not all) who weaponize this lie are European Zionists Jews? First priority was given to the Western/Ashkenazi Jews, whom according to Moshe Sharitt (the so called liberal who became the 1st Israeli Foreign Minister & 2nd PM) are considered the "....salt of the earth..."(1949, The First Israelis, p. 173), and when many preferred to go to America, they turned to Arab Jews to populate Palestine in the early 1950s and 1960s, and when that was not enough the Jewish Agency turned to the Falashas (Ethiopian Black Jews) and Russian Jews. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that early on Ben-Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister) made sure that the priorities of the newly founded "Jewish state" should be 'Alyah (or immigration in Hebrew) rather than peace with its Arab neighbors (Righteous Victims, p. 263).
  4. Palestinian are being ethnically cleansed out of al-Ramla & al-Lydd in July 1948 by Zionists Jewish forces on direct orders from Ben-Gurion, and executed by Yitzhak Rabin
    It should be noted that the vast majority of the vibrant and assimilated Turkish Jewish community immigrated to Israel despite Turkey's early recognition of the "Jewish state" in 1949. So the immigration of Jews from a friendly Muslim and Arab countries (not only from a non-Arab nation like Turkey, but also from Morocco, Tunisia, and even the Persian majority nation of Iran under the Shah before the Islamic Revolution of 1979) was being encouraged by the Jewish Agency.
  5. Ironically, the policy that encouraged Arab Jews to immigrate to Israel is still being weaponized towards French, Argentinean, Russian, Central Asian, and American Jews. In a nutshell, this policy is governed by absorption capacity for the "Jewish state", which has always preferred Western Jews over Jews from Arab and Muslim countries. In Israeli; this is no secret!
  6. The Jewish Agency facilitated the transportation of the Arab Jews to Israel by bribing many of the local Arab and Muslim (as in the case of Iran) officials. For example, many of the Iraqi Jews were transported to the "Jewish state" via Iraqi Airways after bribing Nuri al-Said (the Iraqi PM at the time) and his wife (al-Nakba wa al-Firdous al-Mafqoud by 'Aref al-'Aref). Similarly, the Yemeni Jews were transported to Israel via friendly airlines. Ironically, the Falashas (Ethiopian Jews) were forgotten next door as their Yemeni brothers were being flown from Aden; they were picked up thirty years later (via Sudan's airports) after bribing President Numari of Sudan!
  7. A RARE picture for al-Maliha taken soon after Nakba (1-6-1949) and in the forground Zionist Jews are looting Palestinian properties.
    When Arab Jews were hesitant to leave, Zionist gangs resorted to intimidating them by throwing bombs into their synagogues, as it was the case with the Iraqi Jews (see Related Articles section for details).
  8. As it has been the the case with Moroccan and Tunisian Jews, Arab Jews who left their counties can return back and reclaim their citizenships and properties; that is their basic human right. That is why they themselves and the UN don't designate Arab Jews as refugees; more on that later on.
  9. It is a fact that the Iraqi Government issued a plea on December 11, 1975 to its Jewish citizens living abroad to come back to Iraq. Click here to view text of the advertisement that was published in the New York Times.
  10. When many Arab authorities blocked the immigration of their Jewish citizens to Israel, the Jewish Agency and many Western embassies protested, as in the case of Syria.
  11. When so-called 'population exchanges" happen, it occurs as an agreement between two or more sovereign nations, such as in the Greek/Turkish 'exchange' agreement of 1923. On the other hand there was not and is no alleged "population exchange" agreement in the case of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. In a nutshell, to ethnically cleanse (compulsory population transfer) the people of a whole nation and to replace them with settlers from another group of people cannot be called a 'population exchange', but rather a war crime.
  12. Zionist Jewish girls (who just arrived from Bulgaria) are enjoying a strole in the looted village of al-Bassa soon after Nakba
    It should be noted that in the case of the Palestinian people there is a UNGA resolution 194 that calls for their return plus compensation (which has been reaffirmed by the world body over 150 times since Sept. 17th, 1948). On the other hand, there is no such resolution for Arab Jews since it is not needed to begin with because there is no Arab country that blocks the return of its Jewish citizens. Furthermore, the Palestinian people always demanded their return at all levels (individually and collectively) since 1948; and Arab Jews never call for their right of return but mostly they demand compensation. In other words, the Palestinian people demand to return even under Israeli rule, but until this date there is no organized body in the Arab Jewish community in Israel calling for their own return to their respective Arab countries.
  13. Beside the previous point, often Arab Jews react negatively when called refugees. For example, Knesset speaker Yisrael Yeshayahu declared: "We are not refugees. [Some of us] came to this country before the state was born. We had messianic aspirations." Similarly Shlomo Hillel, a government minister and an active Zionist in Iraq, adamantly opposed the analogy: "I don't regard the departure of Jews from Arab lands as that of refugees. They came here because they wanted to, as Zionists." In a Knesset hearing, Ran Cohen stated emphatically: "I have this to say: I am not a refugee." He added: "I came at the behest of Zionism, due to the pull that this land exerts, and due to the idea of redemption. Nobody is going to define me as a refugee." Click here to see the full report from the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz.
  14. Shukri al-Jamal's Palace in Talibiya neighborhood in Jerusalem two days after its completion and just before Zionist Jews looted it from him and his family
    The "Jewish state" was founded by Zionists in response to European anti-Semitism, not Arab anti-Semitism. It should be emphasized that if it was not for European anti-Semitism, Jews and Palestinians would have stayed in their original home towns or countries as it had been the case for thousands of years. In other words, the "Jewish state" was founded to "save" European Jews; not the Arab Jews.
  15. Isn’t odd that the mass majority of Arab Jews (who allegedly were "forced out") were airlifted to Israel? The airlift was meticulously planned between the Jewish Agency, major occupying powers in Arab states (i.e. UK, France, & to a little extent the US in north Africa), and Arab client states; especially in the case of Morocco, Algiers, Libya, Tunisia & even Iraq. The same thing happened during the airlift of Falashas (Ethiopian Jews) to Israel from Ethiopia in 1984; where they were airlifted to Israel via Sudan which Numiri gladly facilitated in return for bribes! What's also odd that there were no pictures documenting such "crimes" as it was often the case; and if god forbid such crimes happened then why the major powers (who still controls those Arabs states to this date) allowed it to happen? The answer is simple: there are no pictures because there was no crimes to begin with!
  16. According to Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN on 10 December 1948 any person has the right to leave his/her home town and has the full right to come back to it. Such a right does not diminish over time. This is one of the basics of human rights. So any Arab Jews still have this basic inherent right.
  17. Palestinian Refugees fleeing Jaffa, April or May 1948
    For decades, the Arab Jewish population in Israel were heavily discriminated against by the a Ashkenazi Jews, who kept them in refugee camps (Ma'baruts) living in tents for a very long time. For many, it was much easier to hire Israeli Palestinians than the Arab Jews living in Israel. It should be noted that the case of 300+ kidnapped Yemeni kids (who were later adopted by Ashkenazi families) have not been closed to this date.
  18. Finally, it should be emphasized that the indigenous Palestinian Jewish community mostly stayed put before and after Nakba. Actually, they are still in their homes in Nablus! Ironically; they were not placed under stricts military rule (with strict curfews) as it was the case for Palestinian citizen of Israel for almost two decades post Nakba; or like the interment of Japanese, German & Italian Americans & Canadians during WWII. Similarly; the exact thing happened to Arab Jews who stayed put post Nakba; although we admit the travel was restricted in few cases (i.e. in Iraq & Syria). On the other hand; North African Arab Jews still go back and forth to Israel (i.e. Moroccan & Tunisian Jews); actually many return for good. Therefore; comparing both communities’ experiences isn’t fair at all. That’s said; that doesn’t imply that post Nakba, Arab Jews were treated without suspicious; of course not. On the other hand comparing them to how Palestinians were treated is a complete farce.

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After seeing the comments here. Here are my two cents.
- It is a FACT that there are no Jews today in Arab countries - where they lived for over centuries. Is that a coincidence or ethnic cleansing?

- Half of My family is originally from Iraq. What you're saying here - Oh the Saddam Hussein regime allowed has to come back? How great. Like we would believe that. I'll Ask my grandmother what she thinks. The point is that no jew would even believe that.
Notice it is the Arabs and Jews/Israel in the equation, not just the jews and palestinians.

- You also miss some ideas here. No one claim that a transfer of population justifies another. I totally admit your Nakba. But this exchange did actually HAPPEN. Even if we don't like it. You seem to deny it. My family left money and property, and left with nothing.
Most of the "facts" you presented here are not facts but mostly individuals opinion.

- The number of Jewish refuges from Arab countries is bigger or equal to the Palestinian refuges. The main difference is that we are assimilated in Israel, while Arab states refuse to do the same with Palestinians. They are the only ones whose refuge status is commemorated for EVER.

- I thought myself, let's accept your opinion that the entire 1948 was a crime on the side of Israel. Still, 3rd generation person like me, will not have to pay the price, of returning of millions (12M?) of refuges to Israel, only because what was done 70 years ago. That will be a crime against the people who live here today and we will not accept it.
Nice website though.
Here's a short interview with a Josef Ginzburg who tells about the nazi-zionist cooperation. And the (jewish) suffering under the zionists.
لندن ـ 'القدس العربي': انتقد عميد الصحافيين العرب الاستاذ محمد حسنين هيكل التصريحات التي ادلى بها قياديون في جماعة 'الاخوان' مؤخرا، ودعوا فيها اليهود المصريين الى العودة الى مصر، واتهموا فيها الرئيس الراحل جمال عبد الناصر بطردهم من مصر في الخمسينيات.
ووصف هيكل التصريحات بانها 'صيحة من لا يعرف في موضوع لا يعرفه، ويطلقها اناس ضائعون في ساحة القتال'.
وقال هيكل في حديث الى قناة 'سي بي سي' المصرية الخاصة 'لا يوجد على الاطلاق ما يسمى بتعويضات اليهود'.
وشرح ذلك بالقول: معظم أغنياء اليهود في مصر كانوا يحملون جنسيات أخرى، (قطاوي فرنسي، وهراري ومزراحي بريطانيون، ولم يمتلكوا جوازات سفر مصرية، وبعض اليهود رحلوا عن مصر بعد حرب فلسطين وآخرين بعد حريق القاهرة اي قبل اندلاع ثورة يوليو 1952''.
واكد ان الدولة المصرية دفعت تعويضات لكل الشركات التي اممت عام 1960 بما في الشركات اليهودية التي كانت تحمل جنسيات غربية ضمن التعويضات التي دفعت الى الشركات الاوروبية.
واشار الى ان تعداد اليهود المصــــريين في العام 1947 بلغ ستين الفا، وان الجالية اليهودية في مصر لم تعان اي اضطهاد، وان التحقيــــقات في قضــــية لافون (استخدام اليهود في شن عمليات تخريب ضد اهداف غربية في مصر عام 1954) تظهر ان الجالية اليهودية كانت من الجاليات المستقرة، ما دفع البعض في اسرائيل الى الاعتراض على تجنيد افراد منها في العمليات.
ونفى ان يكون عبد الناصر طرد اليهود من مصر، واكد ان من بقي منهم في مصر بعد الثورة 'مشوا من انفسهم بعد حرب السويس'.
واضاف هيكل، 'لم يعجبني كلام مرسي عن فلسطين، حيث لم يدنِ المستوطنات أو الحديث عن القدس في حديثه، ولا أطالب مرسي بالحرب، ولكن القدس قضية جوهرية لدى التيار الإسلامي'.

وأضاف هيكل ، 'لا بد أن نفرق بين كاتبي الخطابات والمحترفين والكتبة، وقد كتبت خطب عبد الناصر لأني كنت طرفاً محاوراً له باستمرار'.
وقال هيكل، 'إن الخطأ الأساسي للرئيس محمد مرسي، في الحكم هو عدم مصارحته بالحقيقة، وأنه لا يملك مفاتيح الحل لأزمات البلاد'، مشيراً إلى أن مرسي هو الذى طلب السلطة بالقوة. وان مصر أصبحت ريفية السياسة، والعالم العربي أصبح منعزلا في سياسته الخارجية، وان النظم العربية الموجودة حاليا متخلفة منذ الحرب الباردة ولا تتحمل عناء الدفاع عن نفسها، وأنه أصبح لدينا في العالم العربي أشخاص يتحدثون في قضايا لايعرفون عنها شيئا.
وأضاف هيكل أن جزءا من الأزمة الاقتصادية في مصر سببها خطاب الرئيس مرسي، وأن الرئيس مرسي يرى الحقيقة من قبل، ولكنه كسياسي يتخذ القرار الخطأ في الوقت الخطأ.
وفي سياق متصل، أوضح 'أن من يصنع خطاب الرئيس عليه أن يعبر عن الواقع، ويخاطب الداخل أولا ولو على حساب الخارج، وعليه أن يدرك حاجة مصر إلى خطاب جديد'، مشيرًا إلى 'أن النظام لديه إعلامه، إلا أنه لا ينافس'.
وعن الإعلام الخاص، قال هيكل إن الإعلام يزعج السلطة وتأثيره مقلق، مشيرا إلى أنه يخبر الحقيقة للاخرين، ويفتح الملفات ويبحث عن الحقائق، موضحا أن الإعلام لا يحاسب ولا يراقب، وأنه إذا كان الإعلام حرا حماه جمهوره وأخلاق المجتمع، فيما انتقد القنوات الدينية واصفا إياها بأنها قنوات ادعاء ديني لا علاقة لها بالأخلاق.
A good quote on this general topic by another writer refuting Zionist hasbara propaganda and lies; "Let us, for the sake of argument, take seriously Blumenthal's allegation that Jews were dispossessed by Arabs. If we were in a position to ask her when exactly this alleged dispossession took place, she'd say 'in the fifties'. But notice she doesn't supply this information. And there's a reason for that: if the reader were told that the dispossession of the Palestinians came first - in 1948 - he or she might legitimately conclude that the so-called dispossession of Jews from Arab countries was undertaken in revenge for the earlier dispossession of the Palestinians, and that Israel, therefore, bears primary responsibility for perpetrating such a crime. Propagandists like Blumenthal therefore tend to avoid any reference to timing and prefer to leave the reader labouring under the mistaken notion that both dispossessions - the real (Palestinian) and the alleged (Jewish) - took place simultaneously."
The Zionist "Israelis" purposefully radiated around 100,000 Sephardi Jews (mostly Sephardi Jewish children) killing many of them in this near genocide again just look up the completed documented "ringworm affair" of the Zionist "Israeli" Ashkenazi government! And "David" resolution 194 clearly calls for the return of Palestinian refugees that the Zionist Khazars ethnically cleansed out. And don't give the usual Zionist hasbara propaganda of the "big bad" UN being against you as the UN in those days was nothing but a good old boys club of white European colonialist countries which the white European Zionist Jews were a part of just like Balfour Declaration and the Rothschild Zionist bankers in Europe!
Everyone should google "ringworm affair" to look at the wicked, evil practices the Ashkenazi supremacist white European Khazar Jews in Zionist "Israeli" used against non-white groups lik the Sephardi Jews. The Zionist "Israelis" purposeful radiated around 100,000 Sephardi Jews killing many of them in this near genocide again just look up the completed documented "ringworm affair" of the Zionist "Israeli" Ashkenazi government!
At the time all the Arab states voted against Resolution 194, because it did not establish a “right of return,” and because it implicitly recognized Israel. It is disingenuous, at best, now for advocates of the Palestinian cause to see today in Resolution 194 the right of return that they formerly claimed did not exist.
There is a MAJOR difference between jews who left their homes in Arab countries after 1948 and the Palestinians who were forced by Israeli terrorist government and military to leave their homes and their own country. The difference is that Jews were not forced to leave, and they can go back if they want to (look how many have returned to their countries in Tunis and Morocco in the 1990s). In addition, Zionist organizations fabricated attacks on jews who lived in Arab countries so that those jews could be convinced to leave their countries. Zionists spent a lot of money to force or to convince jews in arab countries to go to newly establishes Isreal so that number of jews there can be increased... look what Zionists did to transfer Iraqi jews from 1948 to 1957 to so called Israel. Therefore, comparison between evicted and victims of Palestine with those jews who lived in Arab countries (these jews can claim their Arabic citizenship and property at any time, while Palestinians can NOT). Until when Israelis and jews will continue their denial and self-lying?!
Zionist "Israel" was and is racist. Read about the "Israeli" Black Panthers. These "Israeli" Black Panthers were 2nd generation Arab Jews living in "Israel" that in the 1970s had many rallies, riots, and fought back against Zionist forces that were trying to stop their rallies: that were simply protesting white Askhenazi racism and mistreatment of Arab Jews. Also Zionist "Israel" has been caught many times before dumping donated blood given by Ethiopian Jews living in "Israel". Clear Zionist racism!
The wealthy Zionist non-Semitic White European Ashkenazi Jews have and still hold racist views against the true Semitic Arab Jews from Iraq, Morocco, Yemen, etc. as the "dirty" working class. Much in the same way that some Republican right-wing Americans view Hispanic immigrants into southern American states like Arizona, California, etc. as unwanted lower classes. History tells us the devil white man stole what is today the southern "United States" from it's rightful Mexican owners. Just as the whites took all of America from it's rightful Native American (Shawnee, etc.) owners.
It must also be noted that these true Arab Jews, who are actually Semites unlike the WHITE European Ashkenazi Jews, have been and still are heavily discrimnated against in Zionist "Israel". The rich, upper class of "Israeli" society is almost completely WHITE European Ashkenazi Jews, mostly consisting of immigrants from Europe, America, Canada, etc. The racial hiearchy in Zionist "Israeli" society has rich, wealthy, evil non-Semitic White Ashkenazi Jews on the top of the heap.
Andy the Zionists were working hand-in-hand with the Nazis, Mussolini's facist Italy, etc. Groups like the Stern Gang (Lehi) with Avraham Stern and futured "Israeli" prime minister Yitzhak Shamir. Also Jewish org. like the United Jewish Appeal, etc. were helping send their Jewish brothers and sisters into harms way. Yitzhak Greenbaum a WWII era Jewish Zionists famously said "One Cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe". Another famous quote by the Zionist Jews of that era "only by blood will we get our state" referring to sending fellow Jews to die or suffer. Just see the books "51 Documents" by Lenni Brenner and "Min Hametzar" by Rabbi Weissmandl to see Zionist Jews alliances with Nazis and others to kill Jews. Also note that Jews ran the Bolshevik party and Lazar Kaganovich was a Jewish genocidal killer of 7-10 million.
Your writing is getting better (or "more acceptable to Western ears"!). Your references are better (though there's more work to do). Some of your arguments are compelling (eg Sephardim refuse to be called refugees).

The one thing you've not dealt with is the argument that Nazi ideology had taken root all over the Middle East, including Husseini. (And mention the UCHR, the Zionists quoted "everyone shall have the right to leave their country" when they wanted the Russian Jews out, but didn't mention the very next sentence "return to their country").

Photographs of sources are increasingly needed - you need your material being referenced on Wikipedia. Don't turn your nose up at it, the Zionists are very powerful there and will block anything textual from you - but they cannot do that if you've got photographs available.

However, you need to take out some of the sloppy material you've got such as "most likely they were sent to labor or concentration camps" at "Story1649"