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The MOST detailed mapping of Palestine ever via Google's Maps and Earth programs
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Posted on November 6, 2006

We have compiled the most complete mapping of Palestine ever (over 6,000 placemarks have been identified). Our presentation includes the following:
  • All cities & villages that were destroyed and ethnically cleansed by the Israelis.
  • All cities & villages in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.
  • All refugee camps including the camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.
  • All existing Palestinian towns (including the unrecognized villages) within Palestine-1948 (or the so called "green line").
  • All exclusive Jewish colonies (Israeli towns) including the colonies in the West Bank.
  • All major highways, railways, roads and junctions.
  • Several well known concentrations camps.
  • Most, if nor all, of the Israeli military installation inclusive of the Israeli nuclear sites.
  • Click here to download Google Earth's file.

As you view our presentation, PLEASE NOTE that your journey will be more enjoyable when you click on each identified placemark, a window will pop-up containing all sorts of information about the town including a picture if one is available, number of refugees, lands sizes, occupation date, ...etc.

At 's lab, we have built a unique software (currently in beta release) that allows you to add placemarks (via Google maps). Daily, the software compiles all newly added placemarks to the the over all listing, so we appreciate you participation and feedback.


  • The mass majority for the destroyed villages' coordinates were provided By Dr. Salman Abu Sitta based on coordinates collected by the British Mandate in 1923, click here if you would like to purchase The Return Journey which has been used extensively as the source.

  • Israeli towns (including West Bank's exclusive Jewish colonies) were all identified from information in the public domain, mostly from CIA maps, World Gazetteer & The Return Journey, .

  • All military installation were identified from the public domain, mostly from CIA maps, Global Security, plus al-Safir newspaper finding.

As of now, we are double checking these coordinates (including the destroyed villages) for accuracy using Atlas of Palestine's aerial view of Palestine before Nakba, published CIA maps, and other sources. We have made our best effort to verify and double check these coordinates from multiple sources, so by no means we claim 100% accuracy. In that respect, we appreciate pointing any discrepancies.


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Posted by Webmaster on June 21, 2012 #144651


Your sentence is not complete sentence although it is obvious. What you should have written: "The Jews have been expelled from more than 35 countries, therefore the dispossession and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people is justified"

Since Gypsies were kicked out of more than 35 countries, are you suggesting that the future dispossession of Jews is justified? Sweet lord; what a logic? Next time, I hope you use a different nick name; it would have been more "believable"!
Posted by anegyptian on June 15, 2011 #135379

Throughout history The Jews have been expelled from more than 35 countries.
Posted by Brent on May 26, 2011 #134749

Poster "kristen" from back in August 2010 is a hateful, Zionist colonialist supporting idiot who it is hardly worth responding to! The Palestinian Arabs are direct descendants of the indigenous Canaanite people of Palestine and the Khazar Europeans are actually related to other Europeans and people north of the Fertile Crescent: namely Kurds, Turkish Turks of Anatolia, and Armenians. Armenia (and thus Armenians) are in the Caucasus Mountains region (today's nations of Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan) and exactly where the convert Jewish Khazar Turkic tribe was in the 8th and 9th centuries CE. Also this idiot "kristen" seems to have hit the caps lock button and gone crazy, she is truly a dimwit.
Posted by Tiyok on April 21, 2011 #133052

Assalamu'alaikum brother.

"They'll never reach the peak".

I wish i could go inside there.
Posted by ghassan diab on November 17, 2010 #125945

The solution for the palestinian problem is a democratic multi ethnic state.One state for all.

Jews claim for palestine is not supported by any good evidence.Only jews living in palestine at the time of British mandate should be allowed to stay as equal citizens.others should apply for residence in democratic palestine through the recognized authorities or find a place in zionist loving usa.
The above solution should be adopted by all concerned peace loving jews and palestinians because the days of the state of israel are coming to an end very soon by the grace of Allah.
The artificial and fragile political entity of zionism shall be brought to a sad end as evidenced by the foolish deeds of the extremists of all parties.

Posted by kristen on August 17, 2010 #119788

Posted by Huihui China on August 6, 2010 #119084

wo men yong yuan zhi chi a la bo ren de zheng yi shi ye!!
Posted by samah on August 23, 2009 #87162

منذو الصغر نقشوا على جدران قلبي بماء الذهب حب القدس ذات القبة الذهب
و بعد ان كبرت اكتشفت ان الذهب قد ذهب ولم يبقى الا مشهد القدس من بين اشجار الزيتون ينظر الينا بعتاب السنين لماذا انفضضنا من حولها تاركين ايها للطامعين الانذال
قد لا اكون فلسطينية لكن وددت لو اكون فلسطينية
فد لم اجرب الغربة و طعم الشتات لكني اشعر اني غريبة مادامت القدس محتلة
ياريت فيروز تعلمني متى سنرجع يوما الي حينا؟

تسربت هذه الخواطر اليكم ربما لان قلبي قد تعلق بفارس من فرسانك يا فلسطين؟
سانتظرك يا فارسي حتى ولو كنت بلا جواد يكفيني حنانك و قلبك يا طبيب القلوب العليلة
Posted by Asim Ghani on July 29, 2009 #84636

Greetings from Pakistan!
The Gaza massacre was the most harmful damage Israel ever did to itself--just as the creationg of Israel was the worst thiung that ever happened to the Jewish people: it made "Jew" a "J Word."
I look forward to the time when the fascist entity goes out of existence and its Muslim, Christian and Jewish inhabitants live in harmony, as they always had lived.
I was never as hopeful about Palestine4 as I am now.
In complete solidarity!
Posted by himo on June 5, 2009 #79383

I just want to say thank u for this great website. I've been to Palestine only once when i was three years old and of course i don't remember that much about it, but after watching the pictures of my hometown on your website i do feel that i know it better. We'll sure be back no matter what it takes. We love u Palestine and no matter where we are we will be loyal to you.
Posted by Stephanie Liaci on February 6, 2009 #66699

I want to let people in Palestine know that there are many people in the US who are supportive of your rights and don't believe the propaganda we are fed by our media. I am a wife and mother of two in New Jersey. I could see the buring World Trade Center from a hill near my home, but I cannot imagine the terror you all felt in Gaza last month. I pray for you all and hopefully the world is starting to see that Israel committed war crimes, that the UN had no right to give away your homes and land 50 years ago. ANYONE who believes in righteousness and peace MUST support a strong Palestinian state!
Posted by ash-51 on February 2, 2009 #66148

I ask for forgiveness to everyone in Palestine who has suffered suffering in the past and to those who still are. Long live everyone who supports us arround the world!!
I want to see more of palestine before it was took over.
in pictures etc..
I live in Britain and do a lot of history.
We all support palestine
we all know the truth
Posted by aisah on January 10, 2009 #63096

بارك الله فيكم على هذا الجهد الكبير في فلسطين
ٲرجو ان لعنت الله في القوم الظلمين
Posted by fatima on January 8, 2009 #62842

palestine will be the winner inchallah
Posted by nasser on November 19, 2008 #57539

بارك الله فيكم على هذا الجهد الكبير

في حفظ تاريخ فلسطين الحبيبة و حتى تحريرها باذن الله
Posted by Peter McCrindle on April 13, 2008 #34614

I downloaded Google Earth approximately 2 months ago and when I try zooming in on various places in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel, the zoomed-in images remain blurred... very odd because I can zoom into almost any neighborhood in North America and Europe to the point of being able to identify the make and model of cars.. well OK.. NOT so odd really.. clearly the imperialist scum Yanks and their zionist partners have a heavy hand in this. Congratulations on a site that reveals much more than the zionists and their fellow western warmongers are hoping can be seen.

Montreal, Canada
Posted by wikimapian on April 13, 2008 #34581

You should consider reentering this data, including pictures, on
Posted by Project on April 13, 2008 #34553

One day at a time 'Someone's Holiday, Another's Nakba, Our Shame!' will resolve matters in ending the apartheid in the land of Canaan. For such occassion when restitution claims would be driving matters rather than the alien's quest for 'Lebensraum', such documentation and maps will come in very handy. Thank you and keep up the good work. In our own lifetimes, with strategic-think of no less measure than what created 'Der Judenstadt' in Palestine's midst, and astute politcal ascendance, the deprived may yet see HOME.

Zahir Ebrahim
P.S. 'Someone's Holiday ...' is an essay on the Project's website.
Posted by mrmajestyk6309 on April 13, 2008 #34550

Thank You...All the luck to you all..
Posted by Kareem on March 29, 2008 #33162

Thank you.
Posted by Samah Batrawi on March 13, 2008 #31545

its buteaful
Posted by saime nur taşdemir on February 23, 2008 #29707

i love palestni
Posted by Dubliner on February 13, 2008 #29059

A mine of information.
Thank you for this website.
Posted by Mohammed on January 12, 2008 #26991

i just wanna say thenk u for this web site
Posted by cameel sader on October 19, 2007 #21969

please contact me
Inform me about all the details , news ,updates about Palestine
Posted by sehwail on October 12, 2007 #21577

Thank you for your interest in Palestine, at least you have the gutts to speak up not like the congressmen and the senators that bow to Israel and turn a deaf ear to the agony of the Palestinians. If there was a jewish holocaust there is a Palestinian one going on by the same people who suffered from it in the past.
Posted by Atheist from Germany on October 8, 2007 #21391

I really appreciate your work on PALESTINE.
The day will come and PALESTINE will be free.
Posted by snookie on October 8, 2007 #21383

Thanks for the important information
Posted by ksdrover on October 7, 2007 #21370

Tirosh= strategic nuclear weapons storage facility
Eilabun/Ilabun= tactical nuclear weapons storage facility
Posted by ksdrover on October 7, 2007 #21368

Noy ONLY does it list and show Dimona but it also shows the nuclear storage facilities, the bio/chemical weapons manufacturing facility in Nes Ziyyona but a plethora of 'denied' development sites. Strange how sometimes when the truth is revealed it can slap you in the face like a big old hand.
Posted by Pat on October 7, 2007 #21366

I notice that Naughty Google have put Jerusalem as the capital - instead of Tel Aviv!!
Posted by goyimboyim on October 7, 2007 #21363

This is great. Does it also show photos of the terror plant at Dimona in a Nagev desert?
Posted by Samiir on September 22, 2007 #20741

Greetings from Romania
Posted by ahijjawi on August 7, 2007 #18909

The photo reminds me of my parents, Haj Yahia and Hajjah Ria, may Allah shower their souls with his mercy and blessings, and make Jennah their abode.

We should pass the keys to our homes, in Palestine, to our children and grand children, not as sovigneres but as a reminder and motive of the grave responsibility they are to carry.
May Allah grant our remains to rest in Palestine under citros trees, fig trees, olive trees, or any were in the vicinity of Al Aqsa.

My beloved, return to thy Lord and you shall find Palestine waiting for you with arms open to engulf you in love and peace.

Abu Bassam
Sheikh Muwannis, Palestine.
Posted by walid zaror on July 14, 2007 #18060

barak allah fikom