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Al-Jura and my grandfather
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by OmarJibreen on February 21, 2001
My story of Al-Jura is one that was told to me by my grandfather as well as my uncles and my father. Al-Jura was my grandfathers hometown in 1948. When the Israelis raided the town they banished everyone from the town, including my grandfather and his family. He was told never to return. The Jews had taken his property without compensation and left him with nothing. When my uncle told me of times he was speaking with his father (my grandfather) about Al-Jura, he said he had never seen my grandfather cry so much. My grandfather passed away last year, and never was able to have his property returned. This is not the only incident. Of course, thousonds of Palestinians have been forced to flee by the Israelis, like my grandfather, and were told never to come back. Many people still have the keys to their homes. And to this day Israel refuses to allow refugees back to their homes. Unfortunatly, stories like this are what many people do not know about. And because people don't know about these things, Israel gets away with it, and WILL get away with it unless people act to stop what is happening to Palestinians.

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