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Wanted Poster of the Palestine Police offering rewards for the capture of the Stern Gang terrorists: 1) Yaacov Levstein 2) Yisthak Shamir 3) Natan Friedman-Yelin 4) Yaacov Levi 5) Moshe Bar-Giora 6) Yehoshua Cohen
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on January 18, 2009


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Posted by john thames on February 3, 2015 #155940

The real terrorists, I believe.
Posted by rod starns on January 28, 2012 #141287

they openly proclaimed by blood and by fire.
but now they say they were just defending their people.
even though the palestinian jews believed it was strongly forbiden
to establish a jewish state through violence.
the messiah would lead them peacefuly if the lord was pleased with them.
Posted by sameer on October 9, 2010 #123249

Israel is the only country in the world which is ruled by terrorists as prime ministers. not only once but twice.
It is a terrorist country.
Posted by Karim Moukaddem on July 1, 2010 #116672

Israel is a nation built by terrorists. Thanks for the proof