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Welcome To al-Na'ani - النعاني (א-נעאני)

District of al-Ramla
Ethnically cleansed days ago


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Picture for al-Na'ani Village - Palestine: : Railway Station. Fall 2006. Photo: Annemarie Jacir
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Statistic & Fact Value
Israeli occupation date May 14, 1948
Distance from district 6 (km) South of al-Ramla
Elevation from the sea 75 (meters)
Map location See location #33 on the map

View from satellite
Military Operation against town First stage of Operation Barak (lightening)
Attacking Units Giv'ati Brigade
Israeli acts of terror Some of the villagers were taken as hostages by the Haganah to ensure that the village surrenders peacefully.
Exodus Cause Feer of Jewish attack, or of being caught in the fighting
Village remains after destruction al-Na'ani was mostly destroyed with the exception of the train station and couple of deserted houses (one of those houses belongs to Ahmad Jubayl).
Ethnically cleansing by Israelis On June 10th, 1948, al-Na'ani was completely ethnically cleansed.
Pre-Nakba land ownership
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 9,768
Jewish 5,832
Public 529
Total 16,129
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum) Jewish (Dunum)
Area planted w/ citrus 0 2,375
Irrigated & Plantation 335 663
Planted W/ Cereal 9,277 2,769
Built up 51 0
Cultivable 9,612 5,807
Non-Cultivable 634 25
Year Population
1922 1,004
1931 1,142
1945 2,060 (590 Jewish)
1948 1,705 (590 Jewish)
Est. Refugees 1998 10,472
Number of houses
Year Number of houses
1931 300
1948 447
Schools An elementary school for boys which was founded in 1923, and in 1947 it had an enrollment of 208 students.
Religious institutions Two mosques: the 1st was old, and the other was more recent.
Water supply An old well located to the southwest which used to supply the village with its drinking water needs.
Archeological sites al-Na'ani contains khirbat Tall Malat, which was identified with the Canaanite settlement of Gibbethon.
Exculsive Jewish colonies
that usurped village lands
Na'an and Ramot Me'ir
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Status of The Village Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, all that remains of the village:
"The main landmark, the railway station, is now deserted. The railway line itself is used by Israel and now extends south to Beersheba. Two deserted houses (including one belonging to Ahmad Jubayl) still remain, together with portions of houses utilized mainly for storing agricultural equipment. "

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محمد رزق رزق رام الله
موسى ابو شلباية عسير, النعاني
رامي أبوموسى - -
عماد القطري القطري الاردن, الاردن
mohammad abdo - ksa, ksa
Mohamad ABDULAAL Salameh NJ, United States
ابوعمر ابوحبله الزرقاء, الاردن
fjbail جبيل Palestine, Ramallah
لؤي ابوحسان ابو حسان -
لطفي جبيل جبيل الرصيفه
احمد النعاني ابويحيى amman, hghv]k
جمعة الفيومي الفيومي amman, jordan
صلاح احمد محمد ابوسليمان - عمان
زكية صبحي محمد علي أبوحسان أبوحسان عمان, الاردن
Mohammed Ashraf Abu Hassan - -
munther الخربي عمان, الاردن
Mohannad Rajab Salameh - -
Abu Anass Abdel All Berlin, Germany
عاطف كلوب كلوب -
ابو عمار الصعيدي buridah, jordan
مأمون البرعاوي البرعاوي GAZA
Nizar Kifaieh kifaieh NY, NY
Mohammad Kifaieh Kifaieh New York , USA
Mohammad Issa Bader Bader Alberta, CANADA
omar bader bader -
اسماعيل بدر بدر -
Sad Wolf أبو حسان Amman, Jordan
اسوم بني شمسة رام الله, بيتا
محمود رزق رزق الزرقاء, الزرقاء
الدكـتـور زهـدي عـيـد قـمـر قـمـر المشيرفه, الاردن
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M.Fayoumi - UAE, UAE
MOH.HABIB habib amman, jordan
Amany Abu-Sulieman - Jordan-Amman
mohammed ابو عطية Zarka
ابو يوسف ابو شرار -
ayman abu sharar abu sharar -
tala - Amman, Jordan
محمد صادق حسن الفيومي - Amman, Jordan
خميس محمود حسنين حسنين رام الله, فلسطين
خميس - -
Elias Ahmad Abu-suleiman ABU-SULEIMAN AMMAN, JORDAN
ماهر عوده عودة عمان, الاردن
alaa adnan mohammad abdalmonaem rouby روبي جدة, السعودية
mustafa shaikh ali Al shaikh Ali -
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أحمد الفيومي الفيومي غزة, فلسطين
ابراهيم محمد مصطفى الفيومي ابن شامخ الفيومي عمان, الاردن
ابراهيم بدحة -
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Khalil abu suleiman amman jordan, JORDAN
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