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Welcome To Qaqun
District of Tulkarm
قاقون - קאקון
Ethnically cleansed days ago

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Statistic/Fact Value
Israeli occupation date June 5, 1948
Distance from district center 6 (km) Northwest of Tulkarm
Elevation from the sea 25 (meters)
Map location See location number #7 on the map
Israeli military operation Coastal Clearing
Israeli attacking brigade Third Battalion of the Alexandroni Brigade
Village defenders Iraqi Army fought like men possessed according to the New York Times. They fought to the last man in three defensive trench lines. Unconfirmed report claimed a whole battalion was obliterated (45 soldiers), God bless them all. See interview with Mr. Budeir for detailed account of this battle.
Exodus Cause Military assault by Jewish troops
Village remains after destruction by Israelis Qaqun was mostly destroyed with the exception Qaqun's boys school.
Ethnically cleansed by Israelis Qaqun inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed.
Village clans (hamolas) The clans of al-Hafi, Abu-Hantash and al-Shaykh Ghanem.
Land ownership before occupation
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 35,611
Jewish 4,642
Public 1,514
Total 41,767
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum) Jewish (Dunum)
Area planted w/ citrus 713 1,576
Irrigated & Plantation 210 33
Area planted w/ olives 80 0
Planted W/ Cereal 34,777 3,032
Built up 144 0
Cultivable 35,700 4,641
Non-Cultivable 1,281 1
before occupation
Year Population
1596 127
1922 1,367
1931 1,367
1945 1,970
1948 2,285
Est. Refugees 1998 14,034
Number of houses
Year Number of houses
1931 260
1948 434
Town's name through history The Crusades referred to Qaqun by Quaquo.
Schools Qaqun had an elementary school for boys, which was founded during the British Mandate period which is still standing.
Religious institutions One Mosque
Archeological sites Qaqub contained a Crusades fort and a Mamluk Mosque, see Pictures section for details.
Exculsive jewish colonies on town's lands Kibbutz ha-Ma'pil, Gan Yoshiyya, Ometz, and Yikkon.
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Bibliography and References

Town Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalid, all that remains of the village:-
The fortress on top of the hill, a well that belonged to the family of Abu Hantash, and the school building are all that remain of the village. The fortress is surrounded by stone rubble and the remains of houses, and the school building is still used as a school by Israelis

Display Name Clan/Hamolah Country of Residence
farahk فرح الدوحة قطر
سارة الحيحي الجمايلة طولكرم
علي قاقوني - -
يزن سارة الجمايلة الرياض-السعودية
حسام - نابلس, نابلس
رنا محمد الجمايلة -
اسامة ذيب محمد مرعي Germany
نافز درويش درويش الاردن
وضاح زيدان الجمايلة طولكرم, فلسطين
Eyad abd alfattah Farah Farah Texas, USA
احمد حسين محمد عساف عساف -
صادق - الكويت
Ibrahim Abu Hantash أبو هنطش Qatar, Palestine
Amani Abu Hantash - amman, jordan
بلال محمد محمد درويش درويش ألاردن , ألاردن
ايهاب محمد محمد درويش درويش ألاردن , ألاردن
علاء كنعان زحازحة tulkarm, فلسطين طولكرم
محمد إيهاب محمد أبودية الزحازحة عمان, الأردن
AHMAD Ehab Abudayyeh الزحازحة Amman, Jordan
mariam abu hantash abu hantash kuwait, kuwait
Bahia Ahmed Moukahal Moukahal Amman
معاذ درويش -
abdalla sholi SHOLI Jordan
قاقون - -
جواد ساره الجمايله Ontario, Canada
يوسف قوزح قوزح عمان, الاردن
عامر يوسف الحافي الحافي Dubai, UAE
Bisher AL Hafi U.A.E , Dubai
تامر الحاج علي الحاج علي فلسطين, طولكرم
محمد عادل ابراهيم ساره جمايله السعوديه
M Nasrallah - Irbid, jordan
dark cat - amman, jordan
Gheyath Nasrallah Nasrallah Nova Scotia, Canada
Emad Sara الجمايلة Dubai , UAE
شيماءالحيحي الجمايلة طولكرم
علاء الحيحي الحيحي -
3bed abu dayyeh jordan
محمد يوسف محمد اجعيم - الحصن, الاردن
Bilal Darweesh Jordan, Jordan
abu hamza Abu hantash jordan- amman
مصطفى صادق حسن شربجي شربجي amman, jordan
basel - skهne, sweden
Rasha Othman الجمايلة Amman, Amman
ENGNNER_ahmed mohmmed abu_hantash - BOSTON, BOSTON
احمد ابوهنطش - -
يوسف اجعيم -
Al Mukahhal Al Mukahhal Dhahran, KSA
أبو هنطش أبو هنطش فلسطين, فلسطين
baha nasrallah nasrallah amman, jordan
nabil abu-hantash abu-hantash amman, jordan
ككوني بدر الضفة , فلسطين
Mahmoud Rafik Abu Hantash - Denmark, Denmark
طارق بدير Budair Amman, Jordan
بلال شلبي الشلبي طولكرم
جمعية قاقون الخيرية جمعية قاقون طولكرم , طولكرم
Mustafa Ibrahim Zaidan Zaidan -
علاء ابوهنطش U.A.E, U.A.E
عبدالقادر زيدان جمايلة طولكرم, فلسطين
Rashad Abu Hantash Abu Hantash Nablus
سعيد نصرالله نصرالله عمان, الاردن
ابو عرفه عرفه نابلس, قاقون
ابو انس - -
محمد الحافي الحافي -
Bilal Assaf - -
saher kaddarah kaddarah amman, jordan
houji houji -
Osama Al-Hafi - -
mohammad rafiq abuhantash abuhantash jodan, amman
Sami Mustafa Budair - -
SAED A.Alhafi Alhafi -
Basil Othman Othman Amman, Jordan
Haytham Abu Hantash - U.S.A.
Nedal Abu Hantash Abu Hantash Amman, Jordan
Sana Abou-Hantash Abou-Hantash -
yousef Mohamed Yousef abu hantash - Guandong, china
Ahmad Moh'd Azzam Iqab Abu Hantash Abu Hantash Dubai, United Arab Emirates
emad abu hantash abu hantash la, u.s.a
ayda abu hantash abu hantash il, usa
Nahi Mahmoud Abou Hantash Odense Nط, Denmark
ayman abu hantash abu hantash amman, jordan
John Qaqundah Qaqundah -
issam nasralla NASRALLA sharja, U A E
Ihab Abu Dayyeh Abu Dayyeh -
Raed Abusara Abusara (sara) Texas, Texas
Majed Mohd Sabri Shouli shouli Qatar, Qatar
Farouk Abu Hantash Abu Hantash Jordan, Jordan
riaad al-sholee alsholee amman, jordan
mohammad mahmoud Abu hantash - -
mirza aijaz baig - MAHARASHTRA, INDIA
ibrahim Abu hantash - -
Tareqhantash Abu-Hantash Amman, Jordan
Malath Shohadeh Darweesh Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Khalid Mansour Ghanem Ghanem CO, USA
Abu Sous - ببب, ببب
Tawfiq Abu-Hantash Abu-Hantash -
Paletini Alhafi UAE
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