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Bayt 'Itab بيت عطاب - בית עיטאב -

District of Jerusalem
Ethnically cleansed days ago


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Picture for Bayt 'Itab Village - Palestine: : Last house in the village standing after destroying the rest of the village after its occupation in 1948
Statistic/Fact Value
Israeli occupation date October 21, 1948
Distance from district center 17.5 (km) West of Jerusalem
Elevation from the sea 675 (meters)
Map location See location number #35 on the map
Israeli military operation Operation ha-Har
Exodus Cause Military assault by Jewish troops
Village remains after destruction by Israelis Beit 'Itab was completely obliterated with the exception of some house rubble left behind.
Ethnically cleansed by Israelis Bayt 'Itab inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed.
Village clans (hamolas) The famous Lahham family which at one point in the 19th century controlled as much as 24 neighboring villages in the Jerusalem area.
Land ownership before occupation
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 5,447
Jewish 0
Public 3,310
Total 8,757
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum)
Irrigated & Plantation 665
Area planted w/ olives 116
Planted W/ Cereal 1,400
Built up 14
Cultivable 2,065
Non-Cultivable 6,678
before occupation
Year Population
19th century 700
1922 504
1931 606
1945 540
1948 626
Est. Refugees 1998 3,847
Number of houses
Year Number of houses
1931 187
1948 193
Town's name through history The Romans referred to the Beit 'Itab by Enadab, and the Crusaders called it Bethahatap.
Nearby wadies & rivers Wadi al-Maghara is situated southwest of the village lands.
Archeological sites Beit 'Itab contains the ruins of an old Crusader fortress.
Exculsive jewish colonies on town's lands Nes Harim
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Town Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, the village remaining structures on the village land are:
"The site is covered with large amounts of rubble from the demolished village houses. The remains of the Crusader fortress are prominent on it. There are two cemeteries east and west of the village.


Display Name Clan/Hamolah Country of Residence
خندق هماش العاصمه, الاردن
    - -
علاء عمر تايه تايــــه عمان - صويلح, الاردن - عمان
عبد الرحمن - -
العطابي هماش amman, jordan
firas mohammad allhham - al khobar ksa
أبو محمد هماش - -
yousef dawood eissa allahham Eissa Amman, Jordan
ابراهيم محمد محمود تايه - -
عبدالله علي تايه تايه الدمام
ميسون حوباني -
ابن اللحام العطابي-ابو حمزة اللحام -
سليمان مصطفى - دير بلوط
abuanad - -
يزن اللحام - jordan, بيت عطاب
Ayoub Ghrair - Stuttgart, Germany
احمد جابر اللحام -
ali alkhandak hammash california, usa
مجاهد اللحام ملحم عمان, الاردن
شادي احمد جميل عليان عليان AMMAN, JORDAN
هماش هماش -
عمر الشبش - الاردن=السودان
اياد اللحام عطالله اليمن, اليمن
zaid jammel alkhandaq - amman, jordan
محمد طالب هماش عمان, الأردن
اسامة اللحام بيت عطاب -
وائل تايه - -
ابو طارق عبيدالله لسعودية
عليان عليان -
حمودة اللحام اللحام -
ايمن جمال هماش Hammash -
( جمال محمود طه هماش ) هماش - Hammash K S A -AL KHOBAR-AMMAN - JORDAN
عبدالرحمن غرير غرير -
حمزة غرير غرير عمان, الاردن
tamador hammash hammash amman, jordan
L3taby alhham falasten, Bayt 'Itab
خليل اللحام عيسى -
ضياء اللحام بيت عطاب -
haitham laham اللحام marka, jordan
صالح ذياب تايه تايه -
Aladdin Alkhandak Hammash New York, New York
المهندس.محمد جمال هماش Hammash amman_jordan, JORDAN
alkhandaq - amman, jordan
المهندس محمد عبيد الله عبيد الله -
بهاء اللحام - -
سهى اللحام اللحام -
ismail emad ismail alkhandaq - -
mohammad ismail alkhandaq hammash -
aletabi hammash ny, ny
محمد هماش هماش doha, qatar
muayyad hammash - madaba, Jordan
سعدي اللحام allaham beith lehem
رامي هماش - HammasH - الخبر -, K S A -AL KHOBAR
Dana Emad Ismail Alkhandaq hammash california, usa
ismail muhammed alkhandaq hammash jordan, jordan
Emad Ismail Alkhandaq hammash california, usa
Abu Jehad AL-LAHHAM AL-Khobar k.s.a
Yasser Husni اللحام Bethlehehm
مالك اللحام اللحام القدس, فلسطين
الحلاق - -
basel allahham allahham amman, jordan
wisam allaham - -
Awwad Lahham yes Engeneer, Engeneer
Hasan Ahmad Omar Hammash Hammash Amman, Jordan
Abu Saif Al-lahham Saudi Arabia
Ghassan Hammash - Sharjah, UAE
Imad Khalil - -
Amer Adel Abd-Alfattah Tayeh Tayeh -
A. Shukri Al-Laham Al-Laham -
Amer Tayeh - Amman, jordan
Hussein Lahham DF, BRASIL
Al-Lahham wehdat khobar, Saudi Arabia
Ghazi al-Laham Laham Amman, Jordan
Mahmood Al-lahham - KA, India
امـــجــد كيلاني كيلاني الخبر, الخبر
Jaber Jaber - New Jersey, United States
Mazen Al-lahham Bethlehem, Palestine
Ahmad Al-lahham Al-lahham Bethlehem, Palestine
aljounady - jordan
Mais Jaber - New Jersey, United States
Ahmad Ghrier Ghrier sweleh
adist - DKI Jakarta, indonesia
Al-Lahaam Al_Lahaam Jordan, Jordan
Raed Al-Lahham Al-Lahham -
All Registered Members