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Welcome To al-Mansi - المنسي (عرب بنيها) (אל-מנסי)

District of Haifa
Ethnically cleansed days ago


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Picture for al-Mansi Village - Palestine: : أطلال أحد البيوت المتبقية من قرية المنسي المهجرة .
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Statistic & Fact Value
Israeli occupation date April 12, 1948
Distance from district 30 (km) South East of Haifa
Elevation from the sea 125 (meters)
Map location See location #33 on the map

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Military Operation against town The Battle for Mishmar Ha'emek
Defenders Arab Liberation Army
Exodus Cause Military assault by Jewish troops
Village remains after destruction Soon after occupation, the village has been mostly destroyed with the exception of the its school and its mosque.
Ethnically cleansing
by Israelis
al-Mansi inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed.
Pre-Nakba land ownership
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 7,611
Jewish 0
Public 4,661
Total 12,272
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum)
Irrigated & Plantation 1,391
Area planted w/ olives 243
Planted W/ Cereal 6,559
Built up 17
Cultivable 7,950
Non-Cultivable 4,305
Year Population
1922 72
1931 467
1945 1,200
1948 1,392
Est. Refugees 1998 8,548
Number of houses
Year Number of houses
1931 98
1948 292
Town's name through history al-Mansi was also known by 'Arab al Baniha.
Schools al-Mansi had an elementary school for boys (still standing).
Religious institutions One mosque (still standing)
Water supply al-Mansi had six springs in its vicinity which supplied it with drinking water.
Exculsive Jewish colonies
that usurped village lands
Midrakh 'Oz
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Status of The Village Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, the village remaining structures on the village land are:
"The remains of the school and the mosque are still standing in the midst of a thick undergrowth composed of vines and thorny bushes. The exposed foundations of the village buildings, surrounded by stone rubble, can be seen throughout the site."

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