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Zionist FAQs: Isn't it true that Palestinians never had either a state, nor any distinct culture or language of their own?

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For the moment, let's assume that the Palestinian people should not have a country of their own because they have never had a state, then why should the peoples of Salvador, Guatemala, Congo, Algeria, ... etc. have the right of self determination?

It should be noted that none of these countries had a state prior to gaining independence, nor a distinct language or culture that set them apart from their neighboring states. In other words, even if it's true that the Palestinian people had neither a state, nor a distinct culture or language:

  • Is that a good reason to confiscate their homes, farms, and businesses?
  • Is that a good reason to block their return to their homes?
  • Is that a good reason to nullify their citizenship in the country in which they were born?

According to historical facts, Zionism, as an ideology, evolved in response to the rise of Europe's nationalism and anti-Semitism in the late 19th century, especially in Tsarist Russia (Pale States), France during the Dreyfus affair, and Germany after WW I.

Similarly, Palestinian nationalism evolved in response to the presence of Zionism in Palestine, and most importantly because of the British intention to turn Palestine into a "Jewish National Home," see the Balfour Declaration for further details. These central facts were well articulated by David Ben-Gurion (Israel's 1st Prime Minister) and Moshe Sharett (Israel's 1st Foreign Minister) on many occasions. For example:

  • A few months before the peace conference convened at Versailles in early 1919, Ben-Gurion expressed his opinion of future Jewish and Arab relations:

    "Everybody sees the problem in the relations between the Jews and the [Palestinian] Arabs. But not everybody sees that there's no solution to it. There is no solution! . . . The conflict between the interests of the Jews and the interests of the [Palestinian] Arabs in Palestine cannot be resolved by sophisms. I don't know any Arabs who would agree to Palestine being ours---even if we learn Arabic . . .and I have no need to learn Arabic. On the other hand, I don't see why 'Mustafa' should learn Hebrew. . . . There's a national question here. We want the country to be ours. The Arabs want the country to be theirs." (One Palestine Complete, p. 116)

  • On May 27, 1931, Ben-Gurion recognized that the "Arab question" is a

    "tragic question of fate" that arose only as a consequence of Zionism, and so was a "question of Zionist fulfillment in the light of Arab reality." In other words, this was a Zionist rather than an Arab question, posed to Zionists who were perplexed about how they could fulfill their aspirations in a land already inhabited by a Palestinian Arab majority. (Shabtai Teveth, p. xii, Preface)

  • Browse hundreds of pictures depecting Palestinian culture & folklore
    As the number of Jews in Palestine (Yishuv) doubled between 1931-1935, the Palestinian people became threatened with being dispossessed and for Jews becoming their masters. The Palestinian political movement was becoming more vocal and organized, which surprised Ben-Gurion. In his opinion, the demonstrations represented a "turning point" important enough to warrant Zionist concern. As he told Mapai comrades:

    ". . . they [referring to Palestinians] showed new power and remarkable discipline. Many of them were killed . . . this time not murderers and rioters, but political demonstrators. Despite the tremendous unrest, the order not to harm Jews was obeyed. This shows exceptional political discipline. There is no doubt that these events will leave a profound imprint on the [Palestinian] Arab movement. This time we have seen a political movement which must evoke the respect of the world. (Shabtai Teveth, p. 126)

  • But Ben-Gurion set limits. The Palestinian people were incapable by themselves of developing Palestine, and they had no right to stand in the way of the Jews. He argued in 1918, that Jews' rights sprang not only from the past, but also from the future. In 1924 he declared:

    "We do not recognize the right of the [Palestinian] Arabs to rule the country, since Palestine is still undeveloped and awaits its builders." In 1928 he pronounced that "the [Palestinian] Arabs have no right to close the country to us [Jews]. What right do they have to the Negev desert, which is uninhabited?"; and in 1930, "The [Palestinian] Arabs have no right to the Jordan river, and no right to prevent the construction of a power plant [by a Jewish concern]. They have a right only to that which they have created and to their homes." (ShabtaiTeveth, p. 38)

    In other words, the Palestinian people are entitled to no political rights whatsoever, and if they have any rights to begin with, these rights are confined to their places of residence. Ironically, this statement was written when the Palestinian people constituted 85% of Palestine's population, and owned and operated over 97% of its lands!

  • In February 1937, Ben-Gurion was on the brink of a far reaching conclusion, that the Arabs of Palestine were a separate people, distinct from other Arabs and deserving of self-determination. He stated:

    "The right which the Arabs in Palestine have is one due to the inhabitants of any country . . . because they live here, and not because they are Arabs . . . The Arab inhabitants of Palestine should enjoy all the rights of citizens and all political rights, not only as individuals, but as a national community, just like the Jews." (Shabtai Teveth, p. 170)

  • Browse hundreds of pictures depecting Palestinian culture & folklore
    In 1936 (soon after the outbreak of the First Palestinian Intifada), Ben-Gurion wrote in his diary:

    "The Arabs fear of our power is intensifying, [Arabs] see exactly the opposite of what we see. It doesn't matter whether or not their view is correct.... They see [Jewish] immigration on a giant scale .... they see the Jews fortify themselves economically .. They see the best lands passing into our hands. They see England identify with Zionism. ..... [Arabs are] fighting dispossession ... The fear is not of losing the land, but of losing homeland of the Arab people, which others want to turn it into the homeland of the Jewish people. There is a fundamental conflict. We and they want the same thing: We both want Palestine ..... By our very presence and progress here, [we] have matured the [Arab] movement." (Righteous Victims, p.136)

  • In 1938, Ben-Gurion also stated against the backdrop of the First Palestinian Intifada:

    "When we say that the Arabs are the aggressors and we defend ourselves ----that is ONLY half the truth. As regards our security and life we defend ourselves. . . . But the fighting is only one aspect of the conflict, which is in its essence a political one. And politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves." (Righteous Victims, p. 652)

  • Browse hundreds of pictures depecting Palestinian culture & folklore
    In 1936, Moshe Sharett spoke in a similar vein:

    "Fear is the main factor in [Palestinian] Arab politics. . . . There is no Arab who is not harmed by Jews' entry into Palestine." (Righteous Victims, p.136)

So if the causes of Zionism had not risen, meaning European anti-Semitism, then Palestinian nationalism might not have evolved into what it is today. It's worth noting that the Palestinian people, prior to WWI, always identified themselves as being part of "The Great Syria" (Suriyya al-Kubra), however, that drastically changed when Britain intended to turn Palestine into a "Jewish National Home", see the Balfour Declaration for more details.

This declaration, which was made to the Zionist Movement in1917, signaled the future dispossession and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people because it did not address their political rights. On the other hand, the declaration recognized the political rights of the "Jewish people" around the world, despite the fact that the Jews in Palestine were under 8% of the total population as of 1914 (Righteous Victims, p. 83). In that respect, Lord Balfour, who was the British Foreign Secretary and a self-professed Christian Zionist, stated in 1919:

"Zionism, be it right or wrong, good or bad, is rooted in age-old traditions, in present needs, in future hopes, of far profounder importance than the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 [Palestinian] Arabs who now inhabit the ancient land." (Righteous Victims, p. 75)

In response to this declaration, the Palestinian people started to collectively oppose the British Mandate, Jewish immigration, and land sales to the Zionist movement.

Rather than dealing directly with the issues, sadly many Israelis and Zionists have chosen to ignore the existence of the Palestinians as a people. It should be emphasized that the hawk of all Israeli hawks, Ariel Sharon, has accepted the existence of a Palestinian state, in principle, in a portion of historic Palestine. Whether Israelis and Zionists like it or not, Palestine now exists as a postal code, international calling code, internet domain name, ...etc. in the heart of "Eretz Yisrael". The 8.5 million Palestinians are not going away, and the sooner Israelis and Zionists understand this simple message, the faster they shall start dealing with core issues of the conflict in a pragmatic way.

Finally, applying such logic is very dangerous since it would eliminate half United Nations' members overnight. It is simply not just to suppress the political, economic, and civil rights of the Palestinian people by claiming that they never previously had a state, distinct language, and distinct culture. Ironically, the Zionist movement has been encouraging Jews from all corners of the world to emigrate to "Eretz Yisrael", so that there is no real common denominator between all of these immigrants such as a common language, culture, country of origin, or even a unified interpretation of "who is a Jew".

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You should consider using YouTube as a platform for the material on this site and responses to Zionist propaganda. It would reach an even wider audience and gain more attention if you uploaded videos addressing each Zionist point with relevant quotes, photos, etc. to accompany it.
Thanks for this article. I hope one day we can see a free Palestine, but that's a big dream connected to a free world.

Don't bother arguing with them. You argue by logic, they argue by racism and narcissism. It has never changed and never will. They've killed everyone who said the truth since the beginning of time.
"Tkicovic" if we even go by your claims; the simple question is then why did and DO the Palestinians have to suffer for the past crimes of Germany?!! But one doesn't even need to go that far as contrary to its claims Zionism was a colonialist movement that germinated and thus started before WW1 (with the "First Zionist Congress" having taken place in Switzerland in 1897 CE. On Palestinian nationalist dates AGAIN see 1670 CE Mufti Khayr al-Din al-Ramli, "Palestine our land", noted in the work of Professor Haim Gerber at JSTOR and the 1834 CE Palestinian revolt against Ottoman rule that historians Baruch Kimmerling and Joel S. Migdal pinpointed as the key event in the development of modern Palestinian nationalism). The Zionists did not care anything about the holocaust and actively worked to exploit it later and even collaborated with the Nazis from 1933 to 1941 as Lenni Brenner among others has noted (Lenni Brenner "51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis" published by Barricade Books).

So you unjustly deny Palestinians their land and self-determination. Using what you said the Jews of Europe, if they needed to, could go to Birobidzhan in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast that the Soviets created before 1948 CE to start with.
Brent, are you suggesting that after the Holocaust, the surviving jews should not have been given a state because they didn't share the same biological regional origin as other Jews? And why are you providing data from 2010 when Israel was created in the 40's? Would you like to question all the borders in the world and how they were created or won, and reverse them?
That is again the Zionist propagandists hilariously have to explain how they can claim to have a "jewish state" when modern day "Israel" is avowedly SECULAR and not based on any "rabbinic law" or something. And also even the claims of the Zionist propagandists' again go beyond simply the "kingdom of Judea" (the "southern kingdom" in the Old Testament tale) which would be the only thing they could really even TRY to "claim" as they claim (modern Jews that is) to be "descendants" of the tribes of "Judah" and "Benjamin" (i.e. again see the southern "kingdom of Judea" VERSUS the "bad" northern kingdom of "Israel"/"Samaria" for the majority of the Old Testament!). Again putting aside that modern day Ashkenazi Jews in particular are extremely DIVERSE, have clear Khazar inputs (haplogroups R1a1, Q, and G in particular) and actually simply cluster closest to Italians in particular and Europeans in general. Again see pnas . org Bray et al. 2010 "Tuscans, Italians, and French" and renowned geneticist Avshalom Zoossmann-Diskin biology-online . com October 6, 2010 "The origin of Eastern European Jews revealed by autosomal, sex chromosomal and mtDNA polymorphisms" which states (among other points) that "The autosomal genetic distance analysis presented here clearly demonstrates that the investigated Jewish populations do not share a common origin. The resemblance of EEJ (Eastern European Jews aka Ashkenazi Jews) to Italians and other European populations portrays them as an autochthonous European population."
This Zionist hasbara claim has to be one of their most commonly stated and most pathetic, the main reason it is pathetic is it simply shows they have are ENTIRELY ignorant of history! As modern "nationalism" is a very modern historical phenomenon, that most historians trace as germinating in late 18th century CE Europe. In fact the word nationalism is from the German word "nationalismus" said to have been coined by German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder in the 1770s CE. Most historians then also point specifically to the "ultra-nationalist party" in France during the French Revolution of 1789 CE- 1799 CE as one of the key movements in the development of modern day "nationalism"; again in this case centered in Europe.

So to claim Palestinians supposedly didn't have "nationalism", is frankly pretty retarded, as NOBODY had the modern concept we know of today as "nationalism" until MODERN TIMES! Most of human history has been various empires, feudal systems, loyal to a monarch, etc etc. And as this article makes note Zionism in particular developed in late 19th century CE Europe, very short summary: the word "Zionism" is coined in German in 1890 CE by Austrian Jew Nathan Birnbaum in Vienna, Austria. In 1896 CE Hungarian journalist (from Pest, Hungary modern day Budapest, Hungary) Theodor Herzl writes his work "Der Judenstaat" ("The Jewish State") in German; the book is published in the German language in Leipzig, Germany and Vienna, Austria (where they speak German as well). In 1897 CE, the Zionist movement holds its' "First Zionist Congress" in the city of Basel, Switzerland (where they also speak German) specifically from August 29th to August 31st of 1897 CE. Points and DATES academics quote for the germination of Palestinian Arab national consciousness (again "nationalism" is a modern construct, see Johann Gottfried Herder in Europe again) actually predate these Zionist "dates"! You have the "Arab Revolt in Palestine" of 1834 CE, which was a revolt by Palestinian Arab clans (particularly in Al-Quds/Jeruslaem, Al-Khalil/Hebron, and Nablus, Palestine) against Ottoman rule of Palestine. The Ottomans had their allies in the Muhammad Ali Pasha dynasty in Egypt (the "Egypt Eyalet") put down this Palestinian Arab uprising of 1834. This 1834 Palestinian Arab revolt is discussed in-depth as a foundational moment in the development of Palestinian nationalism and national consciousness by Israeli academic Baruch Kimmerling and historian Joel S. Migdal. And another date, I've mentioned before, is 1670 CE with Mufti Khayr al-Din al-Ramli and his work mentioning Palestine as "our country". This work is cited by Israeli historian and academic Haim Gerber in an article available at scholarly article website JSTOR called "Palestine And Other Territorial Concepts In The 17th Century"

A final thing to note is that it is especially humorous to see Zionist propagandists making these general claims as the fact is, as this article notes, the Zionists have never been able to come up with a solid definition of any kind for supposedly "who" or "what" is a "Jew"! Similar to racist Jim Crow courts in the American south struggled in the past defining who was "white". This is especially more humorous as the modern day Zionist entity is a thoroughly SECULAR state (as some Zionists even bring up in their propaganda to attack Muslims for being "theocratic" and still having punishments in countries like say Saudi Arabia where people convicted of adultery and other crimes in that state can be executed or stoned to death for them). Yet these same Zionists don't have "Old Testament" law, and since Judaism is a RELIGION and not a "race"; they are actually being extremely hypocritical about their claims regarding their SECULAR alleged "Jewish state" lol. Jews are obviously diverse (see pnas . org Bray et al. 2010, biology-online . com Avshalom Zoossmann-Diskin October 6, 2010, Khazar inputs haplogroups R1a1, Q, and G, Tofanelli et al. 2009, arxiv . org Eran Elhaik study of August 6, 2012 and I could go on!) And also the "Bible", that Zionist propagandists often make their silly claims "based on", itself says the Canaanites, Jebusites, etc. were already living in CANAAN before any Israelites whatsoever! And also it should be noted that even in the "Old Testament", not only were the Canaanites there FIRST in Canaan, BUT also the "Jews" (in the Bible tale) never hold the all the land that modern day "Israel" controls! For example the Philistines controlled the Mediterranean coast near cities like Isdud (Ashdod) and Asqalan/Ascalon (Ashkelon) which are in the Zionist entity's control today (after they ethnically cleansed most of the Palestinians from these locations into refugee camps in the Gaza Strip in particular). And also even more hilariously "Israel", for most of the "Old Testament", is ONLY used to refer to "Northern Kingdom" (aka "Samaria") which is actually the "bad" kingdom for most of the "Jewish Bible" (or Christian "Old Testament")! That is, the northern kingdom of "Israel" was in the hands (according to the Bible tale) of the Samaritans (who are a DIFFERENT religion from Judaism all together to start! With their own Samaritan "Torah", etc etc). The southern kingdom (according to the Bible) was "Judea" and this was a relatively small chunk of land that the modern day Zionist entity makes much larger "claims" then! Which again is humorous as the Samaritans are an entirely different religion then Judaism to start with! Side note: most of the Palestinian Muslims in the city of Nablus (in the illegally Zionist occupied Palestinian West Bank) have been shown to descend primarily from Samaritans who converted to Islam; see the Palestinian surnames such as Muslimani, Shakshir, and Yaish which are common among Palestinian Muslim Arabs in Nablus (in fact the Palestinian National Authority, PNA, Mayor of Nablus is the Palestinian Muslim man Adly Yaish). Palestinians are pretty much all simply people's whose ancestors were culturally and linguistically ARABIZED (see what academic define and note on cultural and linguistic "Arabization" of various peoples). This also goes with the fact that there is still a Palestinian Christian minority (Hanan Ashrawi, Edward Said, George Habash, and many others) who (like their Palestinian Muslim counterparts) were culturally and linguistically Arabized but were not religiously Islamized; whereas most Palestinians were both Arabized and Islamized (i.e. converted to the religion of Islam from Christianity, Samaritanism, Judaism, etc etc).
Everyone should read the article "Palestine and other Territorial Concepts in the 17th Century" by academic Haim Gerber. Haim Gerber notes the work of celebrated 17th century Palestinian Islamic scholar or Mufti: Khayr al-Din al-Ramli (1585-1671). Khayr al-Din al-Ramli (1585-1671) was born in the city of al-Ramla (Ramla), Palestine (in the center of the state that is today called "Israel"). Khayr al-Din al-Ramli wrote a book of fatwa called al-Fatawa al-Khayriyah wherein he speaks clearly of Palestine and the Palestinians! For example the Palestinian Mufti Khayr al-Din al-Ramli uses Arabic phrases like "Filastin Biladuna" which means "Palestine our country"! This whole general Zionist propaganda (hasbara) claim of trying to allege the Palestinians allegedly "don't exist" seems very similar to me to what some pathetic propagandist white Americans try to claim about the indigenous Native Americans. They claim Native Americans allegedly didn't have ideas of land ownership! Well obviously the Native Americans viewed America as theirs and tried to fight off the white European invaders/thieves!
Salam brothers i give you credit for such a well presented site.
There is a lot of information presented mashallah, the subject matter is overwhelming itself, where it has to be read a few times to get the full volume of what is going on.
There is much injustice in the world and unfortunately this is just another example. Coming from a Kurdish background and literally been torn from my heritage and beloved country i can relate very much to what is happening to the Palestinian people. living in a western country now you don’t see the truth of what is really happening but this site really does breath a lot of light into what is really happening in that part of the world. And it is a site i will recommend to many others.
Palestinians allowed the Jews into their land but to only be stabbed in the back and what is really sad is that through plans, sheer numbers and betrayal itself many Palestinians have suffered the ultimate price, bringing tears to the eyes of such in-humane actions. It is our duty to protect Palestine as it says in the Quran itself that we must fight for Palestine. We can’t do much but it is sites like this that bring about some hope and awareness.
Frank read about what happened at the UN on the link on the Zionist myth section. It is the 2nd one from the top, and talks about the Zionists and their schemes along with the United Nations in the heyday of European colonialism.
When dealing with the Arab quarrel with Israel it is a valid source of understanding to turn back to front the arguments of both sides when reading in their own contexts. Besides watch out for the faults of powerful spectators. The post 1918 Middle East was not dealt with by the Treaty of Versailles which was about Germany and founding the League of Nations; but those of Sevres which the Turks refused by successful war of independence, and Lausanne (1923). The Franco - British carve up of Arab Ottoman provinces was at San Remo (1920)and Churchill's Cairo Conference(Mar1921)of British pro-consuls split Palestine and Jordan and created Iraq. If you skid on what was dealt with in which document it is not surprising if you can't see through the lace curtains of a party's convenience and selective memory. THe Arabs of 1948 did think they could do aas the Turks and would have ethniccleansedthe Jews then or since by their own quotes. The real tragedy that needs a rational explanation is why did those claiming a Palestine State not found one when they could in 1947 -67, but waited till 1968 to start claiming one?
The article is great and very informative. but there was some messed points here related to the Palestinian leadership and the independence of Palestinian community throw history
Palestinian had always the access of independent of leadership and history filled of Palestinian leaders who lead their people start from King Salem the Canaani Arabian king who build the city of Orsalem and his son King Malki Sadeq on same location where Jerusalem or AL-Quds located now days. and throw history where Palestine as part of the Arabian region were always follow the leader of the region either Jews for 80 years by King David or Roman and finally the Islamic empire you will find always a leader who try to create independency for this area, till the last revolution of Shaikh Thaher Al-Umar who revolt peacefully against ottoman in the 16 century and got the Sultan approval of independent state in the area between river to sea and from Sidon in north to Gaza in south which lasted something like thirty years. Also the leadership of Al-hussini family which been recognized by the ottoman earlier and the British occupation later, and been ended with Al-Mufti Hajj Ameen .
Even as a Palestinian we consider our selves as part of great Syria, which a fact came of being one united region. Still we and a long with history see ourselves as independent nation managed to survive against all the occupation and invaders attacks start from the early attacks which leaded by the first war criminal Yousha Ben Noun .
Finally to whom saying that we are never exist as one nation and we are no more than multi nations came in waves throw centuries. That’s all applicable for every single nation such American, Mexican, Russian, Spanish and even German the only don’t fit to this fact are the Israeli who are so many nations belong to multi races who have no specific geographical or demographical identity.
If Palestinians don't exist because of the reasons the lying zionists mention then that means that many other people in the world dont exist like Lebanese, Chileans, Ecoudarions, puerto ricans, Morocans, Tunisians and the list can be made so long. The Palestinians have lived in Palestine since they were called Caananites, there name changed so what? During greater Syria, The Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians considered themselved all as one people (The Shamis) and people identified more with their city/village/area than nationwise but that doesnt mean that the Palestinians didnt live in Palestine during this time and didnt have their own customs such as brodery styles, local foods etc. The zionists are so ignorant and are so used to lying that they even believe their own lies sometimes! Even if there was no poastal code, internet domain etc for Palestine, that would proove absolutely nothing since it wasent that long ago the rest of the world didnt have internet domains yet they existed! The zionists should recognize the Palestinians as natives of Palestine because that is what they are with or without a state. Look at Jordan as an example, it has a state but the rulers of that state are from Saudi Arabia, the majority of the citizens are Palestinians who were forced out from Palestine in 1948, 1967 and after that, those in Jordan who consider themselves pure jordanians are bedouins who are known to have been moving from area to area up until the creation of Jordan by the British. Clearly it is an artificial state yet it is recognized as a state by the entire world but where is the people who have roots in Jordan with a Jordanian culture (not bedouin)? That doesnt exist yet the zionists dont mention anything about this. A peoples existence and history is not determined by statehood, even before modern states erupted, people still existed. I support a Palestine on 1948 borders, not 1967 borders who are only 20 percent of Palestine. Israel can not survive for ever because it was built on lies and fabrication. The "Israelis" are not one people, they are people from all over the world who share the same religion, not the same ethnic background. Anything less than 1948 borders is unfair to the Palestinians. The refugees were forced out of Palestine as Palestinians and they must return to Palestine as Palestinians, not be called "Israeli arabs" or "arabs48", if these immigrated jews want to remain in Palestine then they should be the ones adopting the Palestinian citizenship, not the native Palestinians being told to adopt a foreign citizenship on their own land and be called israeli on paper when they are citizens in their land PALESTINE.
Even though Palestinians speak arabic, they still have a diffirent dialect as other arabs have as well, that alone prooves that not all Arabs are identical. Secondly, Palestinians are not even a purely arabic people, they have other blood in them as well. Had the language of Palestine remained Aramaic, then nobody would have referred to the Palestinians as Arabs today even if they would have had purely arab blood in them. Zionists want to make it seem as if Palestinians came in to existence as a branch of arabs that have no business being in Palestine when in reality Palestinians are all the people that mixed together in the holy land over the past thousands of years and became one. It is not Possible for a country that have faced so many rulers to remain of only one origin (same with Syria and Lebanon). This is why many Palestinians look southern european or have white skin, indeed i have seen Palestinians who's skin is even more white then Scandinavians, some Palestinians are even blond and have blue eyes and many of them have green eyes with olive skin and brown hair - that is more of a southern european/levant look then it is Arabic. With the exception of the Gulf Arab people, the rest of Arabs in the middle east and North Africa are a mix of arabs and the native people of their countries.
Hi Shadi, I'd definitely say there is proof that at least a certain amount of the Palestinian people have links to the Caananites and other ancient peoples. This is mixed with later arrivals like Greeks, oddly enough Jews themselves, and Arabs.
Thanks for this article,very informative... but i have a question to anyone able to answer..
Can we link Palestinian people to the ancient Canaanities or Greeks? Or they are just Arabs?
My question in other words is : From what origin are the Palestinian people?
very thanks brothers for your clarifyng article, a am chilean teacher but always also palestinien because my father was from bait yala, his nom was hannna alarja, he died thinking at his country
Good synopsis, it is the story of the native American, Inu and Eskimo, and Kurds, too.
There are many stories of injustice by Western European nations.Europeans divided the middle east into nation states, with artificial borders. The Kurds still plead for their country; the Hashemites, from the Nation state of Saudi Arabia, still take refuge in foreign territories (Iraq, Jordan), Circassians still take refuge in Palestine, as do Muslim Serbs, who settled villages like Qisariya); no one laments their plight.
There is no easy equation to solve Israeli and Palestinian history.
Focus on a solution that will move closer to acceptance of both sides, rather than a tit-for-tat rehashing of the pain of history.
This happened, good, bad, indifferent, the land was divided, and ruling powers took over. Israel is fact; the Palestinian people have an for nationhood.
We need not explain why things did not happen, make things happen now.
Great job! Like you mentioned up until the end of WWI and the "Balfour Delcaration" era Palestinian Arabs say themselves as part of the "Great Syria". This siginificantly changed with the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the colonial domination of Europe chiefly England and France. The nations/people the Palestinians had relied on before as their "Pan-Arab" leaders were gone and they were replaced by puppet regimes set up by the colonial British and French. See British Mandate of Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, etc. Britain (with Lord Balfour) and France (which was Israel's early military supplier) were very supportive of Zionism. Thus the Palestinians saw they couldn't rely on a Pan-Arab ruler and developed strong nationalism. Just like European Jews reacted to European Christian Anti-Semitism with a "nationalism".
As I understand it, after the treaty of Versailles, an official, self determined country of Palestine was created. Am I in error here? By the way, I found this article very informative and logical in the way it addresses a very complex and emotional issue. My question is this....what is a realistic solution to the issue?
Excellent website.Also in Holland we hear the same rubbish as yamuboy mentioned.We are willing to defeat the untrue arguments,and your webside gives us the weapons.Keep up the good work.
I've heard a lot of rubbish in the US about the Palestine -Israel conflict and your website is a perfect resource for those of us who can't stand blatant lies about the nature of the conflict and it's origins. The next time someone tells me that the "Palestinians simply don't exist" or something along those lines, I don't entertain their ignorance with a response but simply suggest they look at this website. Keep up the good work!